BREAKING: Louisville Officer Who Shot Breonna Taylor Fired

The Left-wing ‘outrage mob’ has claimed another victim: The police officer involved in the shooting death of Louisville emergency medical worker Breonna Taylor.

On Friday, city officials announced that Louisville Metro Police Officer Brett Hankison, one of three officers executing a no-knock warrant at Taylor’s home the night of March 12, will be terminated.

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ABC News reported:

Mayor Greg Fischer said LMPD Chief Rob Schroeder is initiating termination procedures, but could not offer more details.

“Unfortunately, due to a provision in state law that I very much would like to see changed, both the Chief and I are precluded from talking about what brought us to this moment, or even the timing of this decision,” Fischer said in a statement.

According to his termination letter, that was shared with local reporters, Hankison violated procedure when he fired 10 rounds into Taylor’s apartment while executing the warrant.

“I have determined you violated Standard Operating Procedure … when your actions displayed an extreme indifference to the value of human life when you wantonly and blindly fired ten rounds into the apartment of Breonna Taylor,” the letter said.

Schroeder also claimed that Hankison violated procedure when he used deadly force without knowing if the force was being directed at someone posing an immediate threat. The chief said that the door and window that Hankison fired through were covered and prevented the officer from identifying any threats from the other side.

But here’s the thing: There was a threat. 

During the executive of the warrant, Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, opened fire on the plainclothes officers who were attempting to break down the door.

As the officers attempted to enter, ABC News noted, Walker produced a licensed firearm and fired. At that point, cops returned fire; Taylor, unfortunately, was struck eight times while still in her bed.

But another officer, Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, was struck in the leg in an exchange of more than 25 rounds.

Earlier reports noted that the officers did announce themselves prior to attempting to break down the door to execute a search warrant on a drug-trafficking charge.

“Taylor was accused of accepting USPS packages for an ex-boyfriend who police were investigating as an alleged drug trafficker and used her address, according to the warrant,” ABC noted in an earlier report.

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Walker, 27, meanwhile, was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a police officer. 

There investigations still pending, of course, but it appears as though the City of Louisville has made up its mind: Sacrificing one of its veteran cops at the altar of the Leftist outrage mobs as if that strategy is ever going to fully mollify people who hate our country as it is, think that every cop is racist despite the overwhelming evidence against that claim, and will stop at nothing until every American institution is lying in ruins or in ashes.

Police officers all over the country are beginning to feel like they are under siege. Scores are walking off the job, with many saying, ‘You want to disband the police, you got it – prepare to defend yourselves.’