BREAKING: New York Mistakingly Allowed Coronavirus-Infected Patients Onto Comfort Ship

Just when you thought that New York Democrats couldn’t screw up their response to the mounting coronavirus emergency any worse…they did.

Fox News reports that somehow, someone allowed “multiple patients” who are currently infected with COVID-19 to be transferred to the USNS Comfort, the U.S. Navy hospital ship President Trump ordered to waters off New York City last week.

According to sources who spoke to the news organization, the patients were transferred to the 1,000-bed ship from the Javits Center “by mistake.”

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People familiar with the incident say that the number of COVID patients brought on board the vessel number “less than five,” but of course, that hasn’t been independently verified yet.

Fox News reported further:

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The patients were transferred sometime Friday, according to the officials. At the time the patients were transferred to the hospital ship Comfort, the initial screening did not indicate they were positive, officials said.

The hospital ship is located on Pier 90 on Manhattan’s west side and arrived in New York Monday.  The vessel has a “couple dozen” patients on board right now, according to chief Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman.

Part of the protocol before receiving patients onboard Comfort is for a coronavirus test to be performed.  The swab test came back hours later, the patients remained in isolation and spent a night onboard the vessel, which is only supposed to treat trauma patients, not Covid-19 positive patients.

Roughly a dozen patients were transferred out of the Javits Center in midtown Manhattan to the ship on Friday after President Trump gave the green light to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s request to treat virus patients at Javits.

At that point, all of the Javits Center patients were moved aboard the USNS Comfort where they were isolated and then tested for the disease.

To the point of going aboard Comfort, all of the patients had only been required to fill out a questionnaire and had their temperatures taken. Fox News reports that approximately half of those infected with the virus don’t show any symptoms.

Still, let’s recall that the Javits Center, per Cuomo’s request, was to be used to treat virus patients. So who thought it would be a good idea to transfer those patients to a ship that was only supposed to be used to treat trauma patients?

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One official told Fox News that the coronavirus-positive patients have been moved off the Comfort and back to the Javits Center, but it’s possible the spread of the disease to the ship has already occurred. Time will tell; the ship’s crew worked to scrub and disinfect the holding area where the coronavirus patients were brought.

Cmdr. Ashley Hockycko, spokeswoman for U.S. Second Fleet, told Fox News: “While admitting patients who were transferred to USNS Comfort for treatment, a few patients tested positive for COVID-19.

“The Comfort has infection control procedures that are followed just like hospitals ashore. Our medical experts on board are well prepared for cases like this, and have taken the appropriate precautionary measures. The patients were isolated and received care aboard the ship while working to transfer the patients as soon as practical to the Javits Federal Medical Station, which is treating COVID-19 patients. The Comfort is capable of continuing its mission.”

This comes on top of complaints from lifelong Democrat-voting nurses in NYC who have panned Cuomo’s healthcare policies throughout the state.

Instead of being a hero, he’s a zero to Democrats like Sean Petty and Kelley Cabrera.

“I would call Governor Cuomo probably the single most important person in terms of the drive to close down hospital beds in this state over the last 20 years,” Petty said. “In New York state, we have gone from 73,000 beds to 53,000 beds from the year 2000 to the present time. So, specifically because of policies that Governor Cuomo has pursued, we are now 20,000 beds behind where we need to be in terms of trying to scale up our capacity to these unprecedented levels.”

NOQ Report notes further:

What makes it worse for Democrats who support Cuomo is that his policies weren’t driven by progressive pet projects, but good ol’ fashioned capitalism in the healthcare system. Empty beds establish a cost without generating revenues, so Cuomo’s partnership with pharmaceutical companies and medical conglomerates was the driving force behind his sustained push to reduce hospital capacities.

He’s also getting called out for hoarding ventilators even though hospitals are calling for them. They are currently experiencing a shortage, but the Governor said he’s holding them for the “apex” before deploying them.

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