BREAKING: New O’Keefe bombshell; Funeral directors express doubt about COVID death rate in epicenter of NYC

There have been reports that the death rates from coronavirus are being artificially inflated in order to justify authoritarian lockdown policies.

We’ve known, for example, that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued controversial guidelines instructing health officials to list everyone who has died and had coronavirus as a COVID-19 death, even when coroners and health officials weren’t really certain the disease actually killed the person.

The guidance states:

In cases where a definite diagnosis of COVID–19 cannot be made, but it is suspected or likely (e.g., the circumstances are compelling within a reasonable degree of certainty), it is acceptable to report COVID–19 on a death certificate as “probable” or “presumed.”

That overly broad guidance has drawn no small amount of criticism, especially from doctors and other medical and health professionals who see it as unscientific at best and dishonest at worst.

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Now, several coroners from the country’s COVID-19 epicenter, New York City, have revealed to undercover investigative journalists at Project Veritas they have doubts about the actual number of coronavirus deaths, too.

And some of them believe the numbers are being fabricated for “political” reasons.

“To be honest with you, all the death certificates, they’re writing COVID on all the death certificates whether they had a positive test, whether they didn’t, so I think, you know again this is my personal opinion, I think like the Mayor (Bill de Blasio) in our city (NYC), they’re looking for federal funding and, the more they put COVID on the death certificate the more they can ask for federal funds,” Staten Island funeral director Michael Lanza said. “So I think it’s political.”

Watch the whole exposé below:

He added: I think it’s political, so, I’m going to turn around and say: ‘You know, like, not everybody that we have here that has COVID on the death certificate died of COVID.’ Can I prove that? No, but that is my suspicion.”

Josephine DiMiceli, president of the DiMiceli and Sons, a Queens-based funeral service, told Project Veritas journos she had one alleged victim autopsied because her angry sister said she “knew” her sibling had not died from coronavirus.

“The sister refused to believe that her sister had COVID-19 and like I said, she was the one that said to me she says well my cousin is you know, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court,” DiMiceli said. “‘We’re gonna get an autopsy,’ and I said do what you gotta do, you know, and she did what she had to do and sure enough, I called her and I said to her that the doctor signed the death certificate did the autopsy – no COVID-19.”

Meanwhile, Joseph Antioco, the director of Brooklyn’s Schaeffer Funeral Home, told another undercover journalist if someone who died was not under the care of a physician, then there was a good chance the cause of death would be listed as coronavirus.

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“Two weeks ago, I had a 40-year-old man that died in his house, okay? They didn’t even go to the house, the guy had no underlying causes, no medical conditions, they released
him from the house without even going saying he had COVID-19 because he had a fever,” Antioco said.

“But now, how do you know that’s what he had? You don’t. But, now the death certificate showed shows that he had COVID-19,” he continued.

“If you don’t have a private doctor and you weren’t under any medical care, they’re automatically putting down on the death certificate COVID-19, because they don’t wanna go–they’re so overwhelmed,” Antioco said. “They’re putting everything as COVID-19, so they’re padding the numbers.”

These NYC coroners aren’t the only ones who believe COVID-19 numbers are being inflated.

Fox News reported April 9 that Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota family physician who is also a Republican state senator, said the CDC’s overly broad guidelines paved the way for higher coronavirus death figures.

He told host Laura Ingraham that the CDC’s death certificate manual tells physicians to focus on “precision and specificity,” but the coronavirus guidance runs counter to that.

“The idea that we are going to allow people to massage and sort of game the numbers is a real issue because we are going to undermine the [public] trust,” he said. “And right now as we see politicians doing things that aren’t necessarily motivated on fact and science, their trust in politicians is already wearing thin.”

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He also discussed the ‘financial incentive’ for linking as many deaths as possible to coronavirus.

“Right now Medicare has determined that if you have a COVID-19 admission to the hospital you’ll get paid $13,000. If that COVID-19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000; three times as much. Nobody can tell me, after 35 years in the world of medicine, that sometimes those kinds of things [have] impact on what we do,” he told Ingraham.

”Some physicians really have a bent towards public health and they will put down influenza or whatever because that’s their preference,” Jensen added. “I try to stay very specific, very precise. If I know I’ve got pneumonia, that’s what’s going on the death certificate. I’m not going to add stuff just because it’s convenient.”

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