BREAKING: Pennsylvania USPS Officials Are Willing To Come Forward Under Oath

Project Veritas’s James O’Keefe has been working on voting records in Pennsylvania since Tuesday’s election debacle.

Project Veritas is, of course, one of the authorities of uncovering election fraud on both the local and national level. For those unfamiliar, here is a clip of what type of investigative work Project Veritas does – not that this footage is not from the 2020 General election.

On Friday, O’Keefe announced that the project has uncovered a coup inside Pennsylvania’s USPS in which officials had been instructed to back-date election ballots.

In his words, “One of the USPS officials in Pennsylvania has just agreed to go on the record and is willing to testify under oath to the backdating of ballots. We will be releasing his interview imminently… #Election2020″

In a breaking report on Friday afternoon, O’Keefe, on behalf of Project Veritas, has released raw footage of officials coming forward to explain what they’ve seen happening in Pennsylvania.

In the video, the whistleblower form the USPS states that the Postmaster, James Malia, had instructed him to separate ballots for potential back-dating in order for them to be counted as legitimate ballots.

Here is Rush Limbaugh talking about it on his show:

O’Keefe attempts to contact Malia in an attempt to find out where the order came from for the USPS whistleblower to do that. After O’Keefe informed Malia that he was with Project Veritas, Malia was unwilling to speak with him. Malia then instructed O’Keefe to speak with USPS Public Relations officials.

It is becoming more clear every hour that the the lack of transparency indicates that Pennsylvania’s voting system may have been compromised in more ways than one. 

USPS whistleblowers, according to O’Keefe, have agreed to come forward and testify under oath, likely with a federal investigation to follow.

If you recall, Project Veritas helped uncover the scandal that was allegedly linked to Ilhan Omar just a few weeks back in which public officials were paying private citizens to harvest votes.

We will keep you up to date on everything surrounding this investigation as it breaks.

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