BREAKING: Pittsburgh Official Says Thousands Of Mail-In Ballots May Be Lost

President Trump tried to warn the Democrats over the many obstacles facing mail-in ballots, but they didn't listen.

Now, the chickens may be coming home to roost.


As Democrats see historic numbers with vote-by mail ballots in Pennsylvania, a damning new announcement from a Pittsburgh-area official should shake them to their core.

Thousands of ballots have apparently gone missing in Pennsylvania. And while Republicans have been conditioned to vote-in person, Democrats have been brainwashed into voting by mail in huge numbers. This means, statistically speaking, most of these ballots are likely Democrat ballots.

Here's the breaking report from The Hill:

A Pennsylvania county official warned Wednesday that potentially thousands of ballots mailed to voters have gone missing, with officials now rushing to send out new ones.

Leslie Osche, chair of the Butler County board of commissioners, told local CBS affiliate KDKA that officials have mailed new ballots, overnighted ballots to people residing out of state such as college students, and even had sheriff's deputies hand-deliver ballots.

Osche said it was unclear how many ballots have apparently gone missing, but estimated — based on the number of calls and emails that have flooded local offices — that it could well be in the thousands.

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No matter where you live, try to vote IN PERSON if at all possible.

Our country hangs in the balance.