BREAKING: President Trump Teases New Slogan After Disavowing ‘Patriot Party’

It turns out President Trump is not officially putting his name behind the “Patriot Party” that was just filed. However, another press release teases a new slogan that shows he will still be moving his MAGA movement forward regardless.

In a brand new statement,Trump distanced himself from the Patriot Party, saying the following:

[The] Patriot Party filed a Form 1… listing DJTFP as a participant in purported joint fundraising activities… DJTFP did not authorize the filing of this Form 1, has not entered into any joint fundraising agreement to fundraise through Patriot Party, and has no knowledge of Patriot Party’s activities whatsoever. To be clear: DJTFP has no affiliation with Patriot Party,

The statement continues:

Donald J. Trump for President is placing this disavowal notice on the public record out of concern for confusion among the public, which may be misled to believe that Patriot Party’s activities have been authorized by Mr. Trump or DJTFP — or that contributions to this unauthorized committee are being made to DJTFP — when that is not true”

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However, like we mentioned above, Trump’s MAGA activism isn’t ending anytime soon.

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In his new statement endorsing Sarah Huckabee Sanders in her gubernatorial run, President Trump used “Save America” instead of “Make America Great Again” in the header.

Look below:

Here’s an image of the full press release:

Do you like President Trump’s new slogan of “Save America”? Comment below…

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