BREAKING: Rashida Tlaib Met With Pro-Terrorist Group

Far-left Democratic congresswoman Rashida Tlaib recently met with the anti-Israel group Palestine Youth Movement who has a history of sympathizing with terrorist groups.

The representative allegedly met with the group while visiting the Arab Texas Festival in Dallas.

“Yesterday, we tabled at the Arab Texas Festival of Dallas! While doing community outreach, Palestinian congresswoman @RashidaTlaib stopped by our table,” the group’s Twitter account said.

They added: “Thank you Rashida for continuing to stand by your bold stances on Palestine despite unrelenting Zionist backlash!”

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The Trump War Room made sure to call out Tlaib as well as the anti-Semitic group.

The anti-Israel group describes themselves as a group that is “transnational, independent, grassroots movement of young Palestinians dedicated to the liberation of our homeland and people.” They’ve been under scrutiny for supporting terror groups including the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

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Check out what the Free Beacon reported:

PYM has a history of anti-Israel activity that has spilled into outright hostility toward the Jewish state. This includes a 2018 event held in San Francisco in which attendees called for Israeli soldiers to be kidnapped, according to a video of that event captured by the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, or CAMERA.

In Facebook postings PYM has memorialized so-called Palestinian martyrs, or those killed or imprisoned while carrying out terrorist attacks on Israel. At least three of those honored by the organization were known operatives of the Hamas terror group.

The PYM organization also has held campus events, including one at the University of California, Los Angeles, in which attendees chanted “long live the intifada,” a phrase routinely employed by those advocating armed resistance against the state of Israel.

In July 2019, a PYM event to be held in Toronto, Canada, was canceled after it was disclosed that the group had advocated for terrorism by hosting an event with a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, or PFLP, a group that had committed terror attacks on Israel.

In response to the cancelation of the event, PYM blamed “Zionist organizations” for mounting a campaign against it.

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