BREAKING: Republican Election Official From Michigan Says Ned Staebler Posted Her Home Address Online

Moments ago, One America News’ Jack Posobiec reported that a Republican election official in Wayne County has been doxxed by Ned Staebler, a fellow Wayne County board member who went ballistic during the infamous zoom call. 

“BREAKING: Wayne County election official Monica Palmer reports Ned Staebler has posted her home address online and told people to visit her there. Threatening election officials in a federal election is a federal offense,” tweeted Posobiec.

Look below:

Posting the home address of your opponent doesn’t feel like the “unity” that Joe Biden was calling for…does it?

As a reminder, here is Staebler on the zoom call earlier this week, threatening the two Republican officials who refused to certify the bogus Wayne County results:

Should Ned Staebler be arrested? Comment below…