Breaking! Senate To Investigate Merrick Garland’s Trump Interference Claim

Another witch hunting ploy of Trump by the Democrats is now in the works. The charges that the Justice Dept under the Trump presidency attempted to intervene politically with the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office have been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has informed Attorney General Merrick Garland that it will evaluate the allegations. 

In the statement, references are made to reports about former U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman’s new book scheduled to be published on Tuesday. And it details how he allegedly withstood pressure from high-ranking officials to punish critics of Donald Trump and safeguard the former administration’s associates. 

Chairman Dick Durbin (D-Illinois), in a letter to Garland that was mailed on Monday, wrote that if it were discovered that these claims were true, it could prove “multiple instances of political interference in the Department’s investigative and prosecutorial decisions.” 

On behalf of the committee, Durbin submitted a request for five different categories of information, one of which demanded all records and conversations exchanged between anyone working at the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office and executives in the U.S. Office of the Deputy General and Attorney General and the Crime Division,  referring to the persecution of erstwhile President Barack Obama’s White House legal adviser Gregory Craig. 

The submission deadline for the committee’s materials is October 3 at the latest. 

Berman claims in his book that Craig was wrongfully prosecuted for supposedly breaching the Foreign Agents Registration Act prior to the midterm elections in 2018. According to the claims made by Berman in his book, Principal Associate Subordinate Attorney General Edward O’Callaghan requested that Craig be prosecuted by Berman’s deputy, but Berman declined the request. 

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Mr. Berman claims that Department officials then ‘peddled’ the investigation to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, which indicted and tried Craig — who was acquitted by a jury in fewer than five hours,” the letter stated. 

In addition, Berman claims in his book that the Department of Justice (DOJ) under Trump allegedly exerted pressure on his office to remove any reference to the previous president from the document that charged his former personal attorney Michael Cohen with campaign funding offenses and lying to Congress. Later, after Cohen was convicted, he then claims that officials moved to erase any mention of the then-Attorney General William Barr attempting to reverse the conviction and cease associated investigations from the record.

He also writes about how the Department of Justice put pressure on his office to bring criminal charges against former Secretary of State John Kerry for actions related to the Iran nuclear deal, which Kerry was instrumental in negotiating but which Trump ultimately tore up. 

Additionally, Durbin asks details regarding the matters involving Cohen and Kerry. 

Before serving as the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York for more than two years under the administration of the previous president, Berman volunteered for the Trump presidential campaign in 2016 and throughout the transition. 

Berman details in his book, Despite Being Fired by Barr, how he believes he was able to avoid the “worst of the attempted interference” from Trump and his allies. Barr fired Berman from his position in June of 2020 as a result of Berman opening multiple investigations of people associated with Trump.

The plan here is pretty clear. As questions are being brought up about how the Democrats are utilizing the FBI and DOJ to persecute Trump, this same cronies decided to cook up a narrative blaming Trump for doing what they are currently being accused of.

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