BREAKING: Taliban *Condemns* U.S. Drone Strike on Two Alleged ISIS Terrorists

The Taliban has condemned the U.S. drone strike that purportedly killed two unnamed ISIS terrorists who were allegedly involved in planning heinous attacks on Marines on Thursday.

Zabihullah Mujahid, the Taliban’s main spokesman, condemned an overnight U.S. drone strike against alleged Islamic State militants following Thursday’s suicide attack near Kabul airport.

“It was a clear attack on Afghan territory,” he said. It is an indication that the Taliban is not going to tolerate U.S. operations to get Americans out after the Aug. 31 deadline.

The Biden administration launched the drone strikes in the aftermath of suicide bombings near Kabul airport which killed 13 Marines, as Becker News broke first on Thursday. The drone strikes reportedly killed two ISIS terrorists, whom the Biden administration has called “high profile” but thus far refuses to name.

“The U.S. military drone strike in Afghanistan killed two ‘high profile’ Islamic State militants, Pentagon officials said Saturday, the first retaliatory action following an attack at the Kabul airport that killed 13 American service members and at least 170 other people,” the Washington Post reported.

“Maj. Gen. Hank Taylor, a senior U.S. military official, described the people killed as ‘facilitators’ and ‘planners,’ but declined to say whether they were involved in the attack,” the report added.

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Meanwhile, images have surfaced of the reported drone bombing in the aftermath of the attack. The images were posed on Twitter, and throw doubt on how ‘high profile’ the planners might have been.

Fox News reported on Friday that the matter of whether the ISIS members allegedly killed in the drone attack were actually planners of the Kabul airport suicide bombing is very much in doubt.

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