BREAKING: Trump Fires Back In CLASSIC “Trump Fashion” After Former Adviser Publicly Slanders Him On Liberal Networks

In an attempt to sell books, former White House Russia “expert” Fiona Hill is lying on every major liberal media network. However, Trump has responded with fire and fury.

Hill is trying to send a “warning” that American democracy is under attack from within, but every one of her stories is filled with hyperbole, lies and hearsay. In fact, most of the things she is spewing on these liberal networks boils down to “Trust me, it happened.”

She even went on the fake news network CNN to say that “Trump doesn’t like the idea of a strong woman”, even though all of his major leadership positions were filled by – you guessed it – women!

Hill also falsley claimed that Trump was a “national security” risk because of his “ties” to Russia, even though the “ties” have all been debunked over and over again.

More on that later, but here is President Trump’s blistering response…

“Fiona Hill was terrible at her job. The first time I remember hearing her name was during impeachment hoax #1, where she worked hard to say anything bad, but there wasn’t much. It was a total con job. She may have been in the Oval and conference rooms with me, but this was not anybody who I recognized. Then she acted like she was a know-it-all, but in reality, she had no influence whatsoever,” Trump says in a brand new press release.

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“She was very close to one of the dumbest and most crazed people in Washington, John Bolton. Both of them didn’t say much and what they did say wasn’t listened to, especially after Bolton’s statement that he wants the “Libya Model” on North Korea in the midst of my negotiation with Kim Jong Un. He made that statement on “Deface The Nation”, or “Meet The Fake Press” – it doesn’t matter, they’re all the same. Fortunately, Kim Jong Un understood how stupid he was, and wouldn’t allow him at meetings or dinners (I liked that),” Trump hilarious added.

“Fiona Hill was a Deep State stiff with a nice accent. Books are being written by people like her who had virtually no access to me, and who I didn’t even know. They write it as if they’re experts on “Trump”, but they know absolutely nothing about me. My function was to save our country and survive. Unfortunately, when you look at what is happening now with Afghanistan, the border, inflation, etc, our country is not being saved. It is in big trouble!,” Trump condluded.

Here is a picture of the press release for reference:

That statement was classic Trump. Comment below with your response…

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