BREAKING: Trump FULLY EXONERATED After Senate Votes ‘Not Guilty’ On Both Impeachment Articles

It’s official, President Trump has overcome the single greatest witch hunt in the history of our country!

Moments ago, the Senate concluded their vote to ACQUIT Trump and clear him of all wrongdoing! They voted NOT GUILTY on both articles of impeachment, and the President is now free and clear. This is obviously a huge blow to Nancy Pelosi and every single one of her corrupt Democrat colleagues who tried to bring Trump down.

On the first Article of Impeachment, Trump was acquitted with a vote of 52-48:

On the second Article of Impeachment, Trump was acquitted with a vote of 53-47:

Here was the moment that Chief Justice Roberts officially declared President Trump ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES:

The only GOP Senator to vote ‘Yes’ to removal was Mitt Romney, a true traitor in the Republican Party.

Even with his vote to ‘convict’, Trump reigned victorious with 47 other loyal Republicans who had his back.

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Mark Meadows summed this all up perfectly:

All we can do now is THANK Nancy Pelosi for guaranteeing a Trump 2020 landslide!

What is your reaction to Trump’s total exoneration? Comment below…

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