BREAKING: Wisconsin Election Commission Holds Emergency Meeting As Sheriff’s Dept. Launches Felony Fraud Investigation

On Thursday during a press conference, the Racine County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin held a press conference where they announced their investigation into a nursing home scandal where the Wisconsin Election Commission allegedly took advantage of impaired seniors.

The Sheriff’s office believes that this sort of conduct took place in all 72 counties of the state and believes the WEC committed a Class I Felony.

The press conference was so damning that the Wisconsin Election Commission held an emergency meeting.

Check out what The Journal Times reported:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is planning an emergency meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, about seven hours after the Racine County Sheriff’s Office began detailing allegations of alleged election fraud at a Mount Pleasant nursing home.

The RCSO alleged that fraud was committed at Ridgewood Care Center in Mount Pleasant, where eight people who had lost significant cognitive ability still cast ballots that were allegedly filled out by staff, because of policies the WEC approved that the RCSO alleges broke state election law.

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The WEC has maintained that the changes it approved during the COVID-19 pandemic were OK, primarily regarding how Special Voting Deputies were no longer required to go into nursing homes to help people who wanted to vote cast ballots while also preventing fraudulent ballots from being cast; and how staff members of the nursing home assisted residents in filling out ballots, which is against state law.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, R-Rochester, called for WEC Administrator Meagan Wolfe to resign following the RCSO’s allegations.

WATCH press conference below:

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