Breakthrough Coronavirus Treatment Helps Infected Patients Recover Within 3 Days

Americans nervous about their livelihoods and their health are anxiously awaiting the moment when we can all breath easier — literally — as the coronavirus continues to spread around the country.

That moment may come sooner rather than later if a breakthrough treatment that’s helping some patients recover within three days pans out, even as morons like CNN’s Chris Cuomo try to pour cold water on anything positive that President Trump relays about progress being made against the outbreak.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

A treatment for COVID-19 that has already been approved in the U.S. helped a test group of infected patients get better in one to three days, a new study has found.

Known as convalescent plasma (CP) therapy, the treatment uses blood from recovered patients. Ten COVID-19 patients in China who were severely ill were given a dose of plasma donated from survivors of the virus, which had the antibodies necessary for their immune system to fight off the virus.

“All symptoms in the 10 patients, especially fever, cough, shortness of breath, and chest pain, disappeared or largely improved within 1 [day] to 3 [days] upon CP transfusion,” said the study, which was recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.

And interestingly, this is a Chinese study conducted in Wuhan city, the epicenter of the virus, by Kai Duan of China’s National Biotec Group Co. Ltd.

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Even more interesting: This isn’t a new therapy. In fact, it was first used more than 100 years ago during the Spanish Flu pandemic. But since it’s already been approved for use in the United States, a number of experts, researchers, and physicians believe it can help people already infected and suffering from coronavirus.

A vaccine is at least a year to a year-and-a-half away, according to the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force, but CP therapy is here now, inexpensive, and readily available since it utilizes antibodies from people who have been infected and have recovered.

The therapy has also been used to treat the last Chinese-borne outbreak — SARS — as well as MERS, the latter of which originated in Saudi Arabia, and Ebola.

“The recovery criteria were as follows: 1) normality of body temperature for more than 3 [days], 2) resolution of respiratory tract symptoms, and 3) two consecutively negative results of sputum SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR assay (1-[day] sampling interval). The donor’s blood was collected after 3 [weeks] postonset of illness and 4 d postdischarge,” says the study.

Meanwhile, researchers are working on techniques that provide accurate, widespread testing for the virus so they can also discover who is immune.

“Some of you could have had it already,” Dr. David Agus, a professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California, told “The Howard Stern Show” Tuesday.

“There will be a test soon to see who has immunity, who had the virus. That test should come out over the next several days, and that will be key to understanding what’s happening in the country.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has already begun blood testing to determine if there is immunity against coronavirus, Vox reports:

These serological tests, or sero-surveys, are different from the nose swabs used to diagnose active cases of Covid-19. By analyzing blood, researchers will be able to tell if a person developed certain antibodies in the blood, indicating that they were infected by the virus and recovered.

If a person can be shown to have developed those protections against reinfection, they could potentially reenter society — and the workforce — during a time when millions of Americans live under orders to stay home to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“We’re just starting to do testing and we’ll report out on these very quickly,” Joe Bresee, the deputy incident manager for the CDC’s pandemic response, said. “We think the serum studies will be very important to understand what the true amount of infection is out in the community.”

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