Brian Fitzpatrick vs. Alex Entin

It’s time for the Pennsylvania primaries. Now we have Brian Fitzpatrick, a former FBI special agent and federal prosecutor, against Alex Entin in this race. We’ll start with Mr. Fitzpatrick since he is the defending champ, so to speak. He has been in the House of Representatives and is a member of the house permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, House Committee on Foreign Affairs, and House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. He is on a whole host of Co-chairs and tasks forces including the Bipartisan Addiction and Mental Health Task Force, the Delaware River watershed caucus, and House Small Brewers Caucus.

One thing that does stand out as recent, is that Mr. Fitzpatrick voted for the America last bill wherein $40 billion went to another country for aid while children here in the United States suffer from a lack of formula. It would be interesting to see what Mr. Fitzpatrick has to say about that but unfortunately, no one has asked him yet. So, that means he was one of the 140 some odd Republican House Members that voted to send your money overseas and, in the end, make inflation higher and your ability to provide for your family harder.

To his credit though, he did sponsor to hold the CCP Accountable Act of 2022. The last action on that was April 7th, 2022, wherein it was referred to the committee on foreign affairs. He also sponsored the Made in America Emergency Preparedness Act, HR3584, and the last action on that was June 1st of 2021, wherein it was referred to the subcommittee on Economic Development Public Buildings and Emergency Management.

From his record Fitzpatrick does not look to be a republican that is for limited government, but more of a kinder, gentler, progressive republican. He also sponsored the Puppy Protection Act of 2021, which one wonders why it needs a federal law. This is something that could be handled at the state level rather easily. It would be great if we had lawmakers in office that understood the difference between state and federal.

Alex Entin is the newcomer and has a huge task ahead of him trying to convince fellow Republicans that this is the man that should be in office. Trying to overtake a seasoned veteran representative, Fitzpatrick is the 41-year-old north Hampton Township husband and father which thinks he could take the win for the first Congressional District. This covers all of Bucks County and a portion of Montgomery County. To do this he’ll need to win the primary election today.

Anthony doesn’t have a voting record that we can look at easily, but he supports Donald Trump’s America First agenda. He has raised a total of $14,259 compared to Fitzpatrick’s 3.1 million. Entin said that Fitzpatrick doesn’t share the same values that most Republicans do. Part of the reason he decided to run against Fitzpatrick was the vote on the 2021 infrastructure bill. Some Republicans felt the bill was runaway government spending and didn’t focus on traditional infrastructure projects. Entin, you can add to the list the 40 billion given away to other countries as yet another thing that Fitzpatrick voted for.

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“I had reached out to the congressman to ask him not to vote for the infrastructure bill. I called him and emailed him. I never heard back, but the only thing I got back was a letter weeks later telling me what was in the bill after he voted for it. It felt like a spit in my face because I can read what is in the bill. What I needed him to do was not vote for the bill,” Entin said.

Republicans like Fitzpatrick will allow socialism to creep into America. He says he can see this because he experienced it as a child growing up in Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. Entin said that he is pro life and supports abortion laws being decided by the States and not the federal government. He also stated that he was disappointed that a draft decision was leaked earlier this month from the Supreme Court.

Anthony said that inflation was a huge issue and he would support bringing more manufacturing back from overseas. He supported adding tariffs on American companies that make items overseas. He also stated that he supported incentives from the government for small businesses to grow and operate in this country. If elected to Congress he said he would require paper ballots with ID’s and limit mail in ballots requiring more updating of the voter rolls and increased penalties for infractions of election laws.


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