Businesses Stream Out of Downtown Portland Due to ‘Lawlessness’ as Dem Leaders Blasted for Negligence

You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later: Businesses located in war-zone cities that permit perpetual violence, looting, and ‘protesting’ were going to get the “H” out at some point because rioting and looting are just not conducive to profits.

And it’s finally starting to happen in Portland, the poster child for poorly-run Democrat cities and the titular capital of anarchist Antifa types.

According to Fox Business Network, the head of a business group in Rose City said earlier this week that scores of business owners are pulling up stakes and moving to outer regions of the city or leaving altogether.

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And what’s more, he’s blaming it on the “lawlessness” that Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler and the goofball socialists on the city council and in the prosecuting attorney’s office enable with their inaction:

The months of protests and riots in Portland have prompted some businesses in the city to opt to move out completely or relocate outside its central district, according to a report on Monday.

Greg Goodman, the co-president of the Downtown Development Group, said in a letter to Mayor Ted Wheeler and members of the Portland City Council that the exodus of companies wasn’t related to the Black Lives Matter movement “but does have most everything to do with the lawlessness you are endorsing downtown.”

“The number is like nothing I have seen in 42 years of doing business in downtown,” he wrote, according to Portland’s KOIN.

Goodman went on to say that companies include Daimler Trucks North America, Airbnb, Banana Republic, Microsoft, Saucebox, and Google “leased 90,000 square feet in the Macy’s building [and] has stopped construction of their improvements.”

“The list goes on and on. If you know a retail or office broker, give them a call and ask them how many clients they have are trying to leave,” he added, Fox Business Network noted.

Goodman invited city leaders to “walk around downtown Portland in the morning,” saying he would show up as well and personally give them a tour.

(That city leaders haven’t done this yet should tell you all you need to know about their character and how much they really care about business owners and residents of Portland who have had to endure the nonsense now for months.)

“You aren’t sweeping the streets, needles are all over the place, garbage cans are broken and left open, glass from car windows that have been broken out is all over the streets, parks are strewn with litter,” he wrote. “You are willfully neglecting your duties as elected officials to keep our city safe and clean.”

One protester also said it was easy to understand the frustration over the ongoing violence, suggesting they “do a different form of protest besides burning down something?”

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Meanwhile, that schmuck Wheeler crawled out from under his desk long enough to trash and lie about a group of Proud Boys members who showed up in Portland on Saturday to demonstrate as well but were set upon by the real purveyors of violence: Antifa and BLM. 

“I vehemently oppose what the Proud Boys and those associated with them stand for, and I will not tolerate hate speech and the damage it does in our city. White nationalists, particularly those coming to our city armed, threaten the safety of Portlanders, and are not welcome here,” he said.

Of course not. Only Left-wing bigots, anarchists, and black nationalists are welcome.

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