Calls For Kaepernick After NFL Team Loses All Quarterbacks To COVID Protocol

The shocking news that all Denver Broncos quarterbacks have been forbidden from suiting up for Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints has prompted calls for the team to sign Colin Kaepernick. 

On Saturday, both quarterbacks on the Broncos’ active roster were sent home because they were suspected to have been in contact with an infected carrier of the virus and under the NFL’s ridiculous COVID protocols, have been ruled out of the game. 

It’s not like Drew Lock, Brett Rypien and practice squad QB Blake Bortles have set the league on fire with their play this year but it is an unprecedented situation to have a team missing all of its signal-callers before kickoff. 

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Given the option, Broncos head coach Vic Fangio has refused to forfeit the game as he desperately scrambles to find a warm body or two to take snaps in what will obviously be a run-heavy attack unseen since the days of Bronko Nagurski. 

The situation has however provided another opening for the cult of Colin Kaepernick to rear its ugly head with Twitter awash with calls for the Broncos to sign the militantly racist, anti-cop, America-hating  former 49ers quarterback. 

Some people just never give up. 

Despite the pleas for Denver to immediately ink Kaepernick to a contract even if the guy hasn’t played a down in four years, there is no way that the “woke” messiah would be allowed to play even if GM John Elway turned to him out of desperation. 

Via NBC Sports, “Why Broncos can’t sign Kap to play QB on Sunday vs. Saints”:

When the news of the Broncos’ situation started hitting Twitter, a lot of fans wondered if Denver might be able to sign former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who remains a free agent since parting ways with San Francisco in 2017.

But Kaepernick would not be able to sign with the Broncos on Saturday night and suit up for them Sunday against the Saints, due to COVID-19 protocols that he would have to clear.

Based on the protocols in place, it would take at least six days for Kaepernick to become eligible to play, so the most likely scenario is for the Broncos to find someone already within the organization who can play quarterback.

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Ever since Kaepernick chose to chuck his playbook in exchange for radical social justice screeds and then opted out of his lucrative contract, he has hung over the league like a malevolent spirit as the NFL continues to openly embrace divisive, leftist racial politics. 

Not only has Commissioner Roger Goodell wrecked the NFL with his unconditional surrender to the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement but the league’s COVID protocols could soon threaten the rest of the season. 

The game between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers that was originally set to be played on Thanksgiving night has already been rescheduled twice due to COVID panic and cases continue to be hyped by the media as though infected players are patient zero of a doomsday plague. 

As of Sunday morning, the Broncos-Saints game hasn’t been canceled but teams have already announced the closure of facilities on Monday and Tuesday with the fear being ratcheted up over American’s choosing to travel on turkey day. 

Goodell has turned everything that he’s touched as commissioner into a godawful mess that has only snowballed after he failed to suspend Kaepernick the first time that he hit his knees during the national anthem.