Canadian Bank Rejects Mortgage Application Based on Politics

One of the prime reasons conservatives are searching for conservative alternatives to PayPal and other banks is that banks have taken a note from social media companies and have started deplatforming conservatives and others that don’t align with their woke values.

They and their fellow tyrants at the credit card companies will stop conservatives from using their credit cards, prevent conservatives from owning or opening a bank account, and otherwise do their best to keep conservatives out of the economy.

Now, apparently, that includes denying mortgage applications on the basis of political leanings. Listen here to audio from Rebel News, which reported that Royal Bank was using its power to deny mortgage applications to conservatives:

Specifically, Royal Bank, the largest in Canada, denied Rebel News’ application for a mortgage to buy an office.

In the video, you can hear the bank executive saying:

“It’s just about the nature of the business altogether. ‘Cause the bank has been — I’ll be blunt with you: the bank has been, you know, trying to pry away from certain, you know, clients where they’re kind of ‘out there’ in the media, and very strong, opinionated, you know, which is your business, in a way. So we’re just clearing some internal hurdles.”

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So, Rebel News qualified for the loan and, in an unbiased society, would have received it and been able to buy the office building. But, because the bank is “trying to pry away from” client that are “out there in the media,” it didn’t receive the loan.

Taking to Twitter, the Rebel News editor-in-chief Ezra Levant said:

Cancel culture has come to @RBC, Canada’s largest bank. Rebel News applied for a commercial mortgage to buy an office. I have the banker on tape saying he approved the financing but head office vetoed it because of our political opinions.

Levant also argued, as you can hear in the above video, that it’s not that Royal Bank wants to stay away from political causes; it supports leftist ones. Rather, it’s discriminating against conservatives.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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