Canadian Leader Slams Biden After Cancellation Of Keystone XL Pipeline

Joe Biden’s executive order blitzkrieg shows that he has little use for the normal legistlative process as he moves swiftly to drastically remake America to the radical left’s liking.

The lying media did much to portray the lifelong swamp dweller as a kindly old uncle and a moderate, but the “shock and awe” of his first three days as the nation’s 46th president is a confirmation of warnings that he was merely a Trojan horse for the extremists that now control his party.

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Biden’s bread and butter on the campaign trail was presenting himself as lunchbucket Joe, a man who would be a champion for the working class but his early actions show that like so many other things that come out of his mouth, it was all a big fat lie.

The new POTUS’s nuking of the Keystone XL pipeline may have pleased advocates for the socialist Green New Deal but in terms of reality, he destroyed thousands of well-paying jobs with one stroke of his pen.

Biden’s executive order didn’t only harm Americans but also dealt a serious blow to our neighbors north of the border in Canada. As a result, Alberta leader Jason Kenney blasted Biden over the betrayal of Americans’ greatest friend in favor of OPEC dictatorships to fuel the U.S. economy.

Via Fox News, “Alberta premier: Biden disrespected America’s closest friend by canceling Keystone Pipeline”:

The leader of the Canadian province of Alberta ripped President Biden Friday over his decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline almost immediately after taking office earlier this week.

Jason Kenney, a Conservative whose province is one of the Western Hemisphere’s top producers of heavy crude oil, told “The Story” that Biden’s move was disrespectful to Canada, one of America’s closest allies.

“First of all, we congratulate President Biden on his inauguration and election and hope to have a close and strong relationship. We have the biggest bilateral trade relationship between Canada and the United States,” Kenney began. “But the biggest part of that trade is Canadian energy exports — largely from our province of Alberta. We have the third-largest oil reserves in the world. We ship about $100 billion of energy to the U.S. every year. Keystone XL would have meant a significant, safe, modern increase in that shipment.”

“It is very — it’s very frustrating that one of the first acts of a new president was I think, to disrespect one of America’s closest friends and allies,” he added.

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Kenney has sent a letter to the Biden administration demanding that the U.S. government reimburse the province for the $1.5 billion that it could lose for the cancelation of the pipeline.

The Biden regime announced that the new leader is set to meet with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau next month in an effort to repair relations that were frayed during President Trump’s historic term (good luck with that one)

One major beneficiary of Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline will be his friends in China as Canada scrambles to find buyers for the coming glut of crude and his puppeteers couldn’t be more pleased with the early returns on their investment.

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