Carlson Declares Big Tech ‘Oligarchs More Powerful than POTUS and They Want You to Know It’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson gave a spot-on assessment of the big tech overlords who now control virtually all information flows in our country after President Donald Trump was banned from Twitter – despite being the platform’s highest-profile user, and thus best marketer, for the previous several years.

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At the same time, Carlson noted, Google Play and Apple took aim at the increasingly popular alternative platform Parler, with the former banning the app from its store and the latter giving Parler just 24 hours to adopt the same kind of censorship policies used by Twitter and Facebook.

“We told you Thursday that the crackdown on America’s civil liberties is coming, and it didn’t take long to arrive. It is unprecedented and it will have consequences,” Carlson said Friday.

“Days after Donald Trump called for breaking up the Big Tech monopolies in order to preserve democracy, they have silenced him. Friday evening, Twitter announced that the sitting president had been banned from the platform that is his primary means of public communication,” he added. “Of course, they waited until the Democratic Party took power to shut it down. Silicon Valley oligarchs are more powerful than the president of the United States, and they want you to know it.”

He continued, noting that Parler is under assault as well.

“Over the last 24 hours, Twitter specifically has banned a number of different conservative accounts, not just the president,” Carlson reported live from his desk late Friday evening.

“Tonight a competing social media service, Parler, which we told you about, is seeing a massive and unprecedented surge in traffic. The site even experienced server outage because of new users tonight,” Carlson noted.

As such, the tech overlords felt the need to ‘intervene.’

“Why? A couple of reasons. Mostly this: Parler is a free-speech alternative to Twitter. They don’t censor you. You can say what you want. The president is on Parler, and that has drawn a lot of people who realize they are being suppressed by Twitter.”

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“Parler’s succeeding. What happens now? Of course, Silicon Valley is trying to kill it. Google has just removed Parler without any warning from its app store. Apple and Amazon, which provide services that keep services like Parler online, have also threatened to shut Parler down,” Carlson reported.