Carlson: Politicians Using Pandemic for Political Gain, As They’ve Said Time and Again

Fox News host Tucker Carlson gave a brilliant summation of how politicians – Democrats, mostly, but also some Republicans – have used the COVID-19 pandemic for their own political ends.

“A lot has changed in this country. But a lot remains the same and we should be thankful for that,” Carlson said as he opened a lengthy monologue on his Thanksgiving Day program Thursday.

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“In a year when cultural vandals and tragically unhappy graduate students set out to destroy virtually everything in sight from statues of the saints to the very idea of Columbus Day, they haven’t gotten Thanksgiving yet. It remains and there’s a reason for that,” he continued.

“Americans care about Thanksgiving and they have for a very long time. Back in 1939, Franklin Roosevelt moved the holiday a week earlier. He said it was an effort to boost the economy during the Great Depression, but it seemed to many Americans weird and undignified, and they mocked him for it,” Carlson added, noting how Congress “eventually moved Thanksgiving back where it belonged” after the country expressed its disapproval.

In a time of political upheaval, and this certainly is one, you’ll notice that no politician tried to move Thanksgiving or call it Juneteenth. We should be grateful for that. It’s an enduring American tradition,” Carlson said.

“At the same time, though, we have to tell you the obvious: We are witnessing fundamental changes in the way this country works,” he warned. “Changes that Congress won’t be able to undo simply by voting and it’s not just because the coronavirus came here from Wuhan, China and upended everything, though it did.”

Instead, Carlson added, it is “because our political class has deliberately decided to use this pandemic as a way to gain political power for themselves.”

“We’re not speculating about that. It’s not a conspiracy theory. They’ve said so out loud, over and over again,” he added, showing examples in several video clips.

“We should not be intimidated when people say, oh, you can’t use this COVID crisis in order to peddle a solution to climate change. No, we have to recognize the necessity of this moment,” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said.

“If there is any silver lining in the midst of this terrible, terrible and unprecedented moment in American history in terms of the economy, in terms of the pandemic, it is that maybe we start rethinking some fundamental tenets about the way our government and society works,” Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said in another clip before  Hillary Clinton said this “would be a terrible crisis to waste.”

“As long as public health bureaucrats are throwing around oxymoronic, doublespeak, like social distancing and flatten the curve, politicians have the cover they need to empower themselves and their friends and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing,” the prime-time Fox News host said.

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“It’s wound up in the form of tyranny. Some of the tyranny has been petty,” he went on, showing more clips which he said were “kind of hilarious.”

“Obviously, it’s authoritarian, but it’s a lot less threatening than some forms of authoritarianism because it’s out in the open, we can laugh at it. Much has been happening quietly. You’re not supposed to notice as it does,” Carlson noted.

“So, Silicon Valley did everything it could to help Joe Biden become President and making sure that voters saw what he wanted them to see and nothing else,” Carlson added. “In return, Joe Biden is looking out for Silicon Valley. It’s an arrangement four years in the making, and it’s about to pay dividends for some of the richest people in the world.”