CBS Blames Childhood Obesity on…Climate Change??

Quick question. Did summer just recently become hot? I seem to remember summers being hot as a kid.

We didn’t have air conditioning until I was almost out of the house, so maybe the heat exhaustion affected my memory.

My fuzzy memory seems to recall sweltering days and muggy nights, though the climate alarmists would have us believe that hot summers are a relatively new phenomenon.

We like to blame everything on the boogeyman known as climate change these days, even though the science is decidedly slanted toward one narrative, and the left keeps missing predictions of death and destruction.

If Florida isn’t underwater when Al Gore said it was going to be, just move the goal post! Problem solved.

Well, now we have a new “growing” problem to blame on climate change. Childhood obesity! Personally, I would’ve blamed soda and chicken nuggets, but I guess Ronald McDonald gets a stay of execution thanks to climate change!

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Let’s see what the New York Post says about this ballooning issue:

“CBS Mornings” pushed a recent study connecting climate change and hotter temperatures with childhood obesity rates in a ridiculed segment on Thursday.

Co-host Nate Burleson introduced the study published in the journal “Temperature” that argued “climate change, specifically warmer temperatures is making our children more inactive and more obese.”

Burleson said the study found that children were 30% less “aerobically fit” than their parents and claimed hotter temperatures were preventing kids from exercising outside.

Ah, more responsible journalism from CBS. They are the beacon of journalistic integrity, no? Just the fact that they employ a bad ex-football player like Nate Burleson to read nonsense reports about climate change and a possible link to childhood obesity should make you change the channel.

Might I suggest an alternative theory? Bad parenting! Technology! Lazy kids! Ok, those are three alternative theories, but it doesn’t take a climate scientist to see this study isn’t worth the napkin it’s written on.

What about the bogus Covid lockdowns, where playgrounds, parks, soccer fields and the like were shut down. How about kids being forced to wear masks to participate in sports? Nah, let’s blame the boogeyman.

To even suggest that the world is too hot for kids to go outside is the most absurd thing I have seen in some time, and that’s impressive considering the absurdity going on around us these days.

Predictably, social media did its thing to shred this false narrative.

“Do you think it could be… nah, couldn’t be. Must be the climate change,” Deseret News contributing writer Bethany Mandel joked.

Hans Mahncke, co-host of “Truth Over News” on EpochTV, tweeted, “They made kids fat by shutting schools, playgrounds, parks and beaches. Predictably, they’re now blaming ‘climate change.’

“Climate change? Ffs,” National Review journalist Claude Thompson wrote.

Former congresswoman Nan Hayworth tweeted, “NO. NO. NO. Many factors contribute to children’s lack of fitness, but climate change is NOT one of them. This is propaganda that CBS, as with all ‘mainstream’ media, pushes to scare Americans into accepting Government intervention–at any cost!!–against climate *apocalypse*”

Propaganda is correct. CBS has an ulterior motive, as essentially leftist operatives, networks like CBS will misrepresent and twist studies and papers to fit their narrative. Climate change is the pet project of the left, and they will spread any lie or half-truth in an effort to scare the public into buying the disaster they are selling.

Hopefully the general public is smart enough to see through this sham, however I’m afraid if you are getting your news from Nate Burleson and “CBS Mornings” it may be too late. Just head on down to the drive through while your kid sits in the basement on his phone, safe from the dreaded climate change.

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