CDC Director: “We May Need To Update Our Definition Of ‘Fully Vaccinated’ In The Future”

The CDC is doing their best Dr. Fauci impression by suggesting that they will move the goal posts yet again when it comes to the Coronavirus vaccines.

Earlier this year, they said “just get vaccinated and you’re set!”. Then it was “get vaccinated but please keep wearing your mask”.

Now, they are getting closer to changing the very definition of “fully vaccinated” in the near future to include booster shots. (This will never end)

So even if you ARE “fully vaccinated”, you won’t be for long!

Watch below:

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Look below:

The CDC director went onto say that the only reason why boosters aren’t mandated yet is because “not everyone is eligible”.

On Twitter, she continued to lay the groundwork for boosters:

Brace for impact. They will never give up their desire for harsh mandates.

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