Check Out What ACLU Wants Homeland Security To Do With Texas Policy Of Sending Migrants To The Border

The American Civil Liberties Union now wants federal immigration authorities to no longer cooperate with Texas state troopers who are transporting illegal migrants back to the southern border.

Once again, we see liberals who are in full support of open borders and are against any sort of action being taken to end the crisis along the southern border where there are thousands upon thousands of illegal migrants flooding into the country every single day.

It’s clear the ACLU is a fan of the current strategy of the Democratic Party which is to shift around demographics in the United States and get some individuals to become lifetime leftist voters in order to ensure they never lose another election.

According to Newsmax, “An executive order by Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas, authorized state troopers to return migrants to the border, and The Texas Tribune last week reported on suspected migrants being transported to the port of entry in Eagle Pass, Texas, and being turned over to federal authorities.”

The Texas chapter of the ACLU, along with the leadership of the national organization, asked the Biden administration to launch an investigation into the state’s policy.

“Abbott’s July 7 executive order authorized troopers to transport migrants back to the U.S.-Texas border, where immigration authorities can process the immigrants more easily. However, the order did not specify how that would occur and under what authority they were being detained, the Tribune said,” Newsmax reported.

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Local police and other law enforcement officials were previously turning over immigrants in their custody at the request of federal immigration authorities, and these individuals were then held right where they were in either a jail or some kind of detention center.

On Monday, the ACLU made a call for a probe by Homeland Security’s Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. The group then called on federal authorities to no longer take migrants that were transported by state police into their custody.

“DHS should decline to take custody of individuals in these circumstances and should prevent Texas state and local officials from detaining individuals on federal property pursuant to Governor Abbott’s executive order,” ACLU staff attorneys went on to say in a letter sent to DHS, the Tribune stated in its own report.

The tribune then went on to reveal that the folks at the ACLU asked the DHS to do the following in their probe:

  • Monitor the Eagle Passport of entry to ensure federal agents are acting appropriately.
  • Produce data on the purported state authority for the transfer of people from Texas Department of Public Safety to federal agents.
  • Identify gaps in U.S. Customs and Border Protection policies related to this practice and issue recommendations.
  • Take all appropriate steps to identify and address civil rights violations that could be occurring under the policy.

Typically, the enforcement of immigration law is left to the federal government. However, Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott has taken matters into his own hands when it comes to dealing with the border crisis because President Joe Biden is taking no action to resolve the problem.

What did the federal government expect to happen when the state is being so egregiously overwhelmed by individuals to try and care for? It’s time Biden stop playing politics and do his actual job.

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