Chicago Mayor Refuses Help From President Trump As Windy City Carnage Rages

There is now a sufficient body of evidence that Democrat mayors would rather see their cities degenerate into criminal environments where law-abiding citizens live in terror rather than accept help from President Trump. 

One of the worst examples of a major American city that has been hit hard by a crime wave is Chicago where Mayor Lori Lightfoot has allowed hoodlums to run amok during a long, hot summer of violence and mayhem. 

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Decades of one-party Democrat rule have made the Windy City into one of the most dangerous in America where even in a “normal” year, the murder rate is among the highest in the nation but under Lightfoot’s dismal tenure, it is approaching third-world status. 

With President Trump having been forced into deploying federal agents to the cities where Democrats have put citizens in danger, Mayor Lightfoot was adamant that she would not tolerate their presence in Chicago. 

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While Lightfoot is digging in to prevent federal law enforcement from intervening, yet another senseless explosion of violence took place with a mass shooting outside of a Chicago area funeral home.

The victims were reportedly attending the funeral of a shooting victim. 

According to CBS Chicago, “15 People Wounded In Mass Shooting Outside Funeral In Auburn Gresham”:

At least 15 people were wounded Tuesday evening in a mass shooting directed at people attending a funeral in the Auburn Gresham community.

There were 10 female victims and five male victims, according to an update from Chicago police early Wednesday morning. The victims range in age from 21 to 65 years old. Police said at least six people are in serious condition Wednesday morning.

It began as a solemn ceremony for a victim of gun violence, and ended up becoming a gruesome scene of gun violence unto itself.

Chicago Police First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter said a black vehicle was heading west on 79th Street at 6:30 p.m., when people inside began firing at attendees of a funeral. The funeral was taking place at the Rhodes Funeral Services funeral home at 1018 W. 79th St.

The attendees of the funeral began firing back at the vehicle, which turned north on Carpenter Street and kept firing at people from the funeral before crashing into a parked car midway down the block.

The occupants got out and fled in multiple directions, Carter said.

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Additional reporting via Fox News:

The gunfire — extending a summer of violence in the nation’s third-largest city — left at least 15 people wounded and drew new criticism for the city’s leaders, who have pushed back against President Trump’s call for federal intervention into big-city lawlessness.

Authorities said one person of interest was being interviewed, but no arrests were immediately reported.

“All we saw was just bodies laying everywhere,” witness Arnita Gerder told Chicago’s WMAQ-TV. “Shot up everywhere, all over. Legs, stomach, back, all over the place. We thought it was a war out here.”

An SUV was traveling on 79th Street around 6:30 p.m. local time when people inside the vehicle opened fire on mourners outside the funeral home, Chicago police First Deputy Supt. Eric Carter told reporters during a news briefing.

Some of the mourners then fired back at the vehicle, which sped off before crashing a short distance away. The people inside the vehicle ran off in multiple directions, Carter said.

Lightfoot’s ineptitude appears to have been interpreted as a green light for the city’s street gangs to settle scores as Chicago increasingly resembles a war zone while its mayor is preoccupied with picking fights with White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and engaging in political warfare with President Trump.

Residents deserve better but elections have consequences and they keep voting for Democrats. 

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