China Just Displayed Frightening New Nuclear Capabilities While Biden Can’t Complete Sentences

According to the Financial Times, China just demonstrated advanced space capability by successfully testing a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile.. Here in America, our President gets a round of applause if he can successfully complete a sentence in the english language. (Yes, we’re in trouble)

The FT report adds that this capability came as a “surprise” to the United States:

“The hypersonic glide vehicle launched by the Chinese military circled the globe in low-orbit space before speeding towards its target, sources told the paper.

Although the missile missed its target by about two-dozen miles, the test demonstrated China’s advanced space capability and took US intelligence by surprise, sources told the Financial Times.”

Read more below:

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Meanwhile, our “President” can’t even complete sentences during his speeches (even when he’s reading from the teleprompter)

Here are some of his most recent clips that should frighten every American who believes in strong leadership:

Here he is slurring his words like crazy while simply trying to pronounce names:


Yesterday, he had another blunder. This time, it was when he realized he forgot his mask:

While our leader is stumbling and bumbling around without direction, China is preparing for something big. If China were to come after us, sleepy Joe would hide for cover like the coward he is.

Brace for impact, America.