Chris Rufo Leaves Marc Lamont Hill Totally Stunned With Fantastic Answer To His Racist Question

On Dave Rubin’s “The Rubin Report” program on BlazeTV, the host sat down to have a “roundtable” chat with Manhattan Institute senior fellow Christopher Rufo, Claremont Institute associate editor Spencer Klavan, and Newsweek opinion editor Josh Hammer about the way the radical left attempts to reduce people to racial or other “metaphysical” categories as a means of pitting them against each other, creating “eternal conflict.”

According to TheBlaze, Rubin mentioned a recent interview Rufo had with former CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill last year, when the black television host tried very hard to bait his guest into making some fairly racist generalizations. Rufo then made a solid argument against categorizing people by their racial identity, going on to state that we should be judging each other as individuals regardless of the color or our skin.

Hill was not too happy with this answer. He really wanted Rufo to take the bait. He then asked Rufo over to “name something you like being white.”

“A video clip from the interview began with Hill demanding, ‘Name something positive that you like about being white,'” the report stated.

“There [are] a lot of documents that are floating around public schools that say things like timeliness, showing up on time, is a white supremacist value or a white-dominant value. Things like rationality, things like the enlightenment, things like objectivity — these are very strange things to be ascribed to a racial identity. My view is that these actually should be ascribed to every individual human being, every individual human being regardless of whatever racial category we impose on them,” Rufo replied.

“That doesn’t answer the question though,” the former CNN contributor interjected. “You’re making strawmen about things that are ascribed to whiteness, that you think are wrongfully ascribed to whiteness. I’m saying if whiteness isn’t a negative thing and there’s something that you actually, and that whiteness actually shouldn’t be constructed as all negative, name something … that you believe is positive about being white.”

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“Again, I don’t buy into the framework that the world can be reduced into these metaphysical categories of whiteness and blackness. I think that’s wrong. I think we should look at people as individuals. I think we should celebrate different people’s accomplishments … I think of myself as an individual human being with my own capabilities, and I would hope that we could both judge each other as individuals and come to common values on that basis,” Rufo fired back.

After being shocked into silence, Hill finally, in his own way, admitted defeat by saying, “Fair enough.”


For many, many centuries, the world has been divided along arbitrary standards like the color of a person’s skin. We must move beyond this, which is not something the left wants to see. No, they don’t want Americans to be united. A people divided are easier to conquer.

The future of our republic is completely dependent on whether or not we start to actually live by the values we claimed as our own in the Declaration of Independence.

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