Citigroup to Start Firing Unvaxxinated Staff

It’s not just the motley collection of not-so-forward-thinking medical bureaucrats over at Mayo Clinic that is firing unvaccinated staff by the hundreds.

The leadership of Citigroup, a bank so poorly run that it was on “the brink of collapse” in 2008, is now apparently following suit and firing those staff members that refuse to get the jab, thus fulfilling a pledge it made in 2021.

Apparently, news of that came to employees in the form of a memo reminding them that they must be “fully vaccinated as a condition of employment.”

The memo also reportedly told employees that “You are welcome to apply for other roles at Citi in the future as long as you are compliant with Citi’s vaccination policy. If you are not vaccinated, we urge you to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

Those that still refuse the jab by January 14th will be placed on unpaid leave until January 31st, at which point they will be fired if they still don’t get the jab.

That decision, one that could wreak havoc on financial markets if a large number of financial service employees disappear all of a sudden thanks to the jab mandated, makes Citigroup the first major Wall Street bank to follow through on threats of enforcing a vaccine mandate. As CNBC reports:

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Other major Wall Street banks, including Goldman Sachs & Co, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase & Co, have told some unvaccinated employees to work from home, but none has yet gone as far as sacking staff.

The company has cited President Brandon’s rule that all employees of federal contractors must be vaccinated as the reason for the policy, claiming that its status as a federal contractor makes the decision necessary.

As of now, about 90% of Citi employees have the jab, with sources saying that many who have so far remained unvaxxed are getting the jab rapidly now that the bank is taking the policy seriously.

Furthermore, the company has said that it will potentially allow exemptions on medical or religious grounds, though it remains to be seen if any exemption requests will actually be accepted.

It remains to be seen if other banks that, like Citigroup, are federal contractors will follow suit.

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