“Civilian Climate Corps”: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shoving Ridiculous New Climate Bill Through Congress

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey are trying to shove a ridiculous $70 billion bill through congress called the “Civilian Climate Corps.”

“We’re working to win a Civilian Climate Corps in the reconciliation package,” Ocasio-Cortez revealed on Twitter. “The last time the US did this, we employed 2M people and had record success in wildfire suppression — one the most rapid peacetime mobilizations in US history. We can revive it to fight climate change.”

The Daily Wire reported:

Reconciliation is a method by which Congress can pass budget bills with a simple majority in the Senate instead of a sixty-vote, filibuster-proof coalition. Democratic leaders in Congress are seeking to pass much of President Biden’s agenda through the reconciliation process due to the divided nature of the Senate.

According to a joint press release, Ocasio-Cortez and Markey’s “Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act” would hire a “diverse and equitable” group of 1.5 million young Americans to “complete federally-funded projects that help communities respond to climate change and transition to a clean economy.”

“The CCC would put 1.5 million young people to work strengthening our communities and preserving our lands — doing everything from remediating blight and maintaining trails to creating entirely new green spaces,” said Ocasio-Cortez. “The program also provides the support needed to turn this work into a career path — including childcare, eldercare and tax-free educational grants to be used for student loan debt payments or higher education.”

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“To combat the interlocking crises of the moment — climate change, racial injustice, a global pandemic, and income inequality — our government has an opportunity to equitably reimagine an idea from the past and tailor it to meet the present and the future,” Markey added. “The Civilian Climate Corps will provide an opportunity for millions of Americans from every walk of life to earn a good wage while serving their communities and training to transform our economy.”

The plan is clearly just another radical progressive power grab to poison the minds of young Americans.

The Civilian Climate Corps will be “just and equitable” according to the congress members and the program would enact “explicit antiracist language,” prioritize “labor groups,” and enact “tribal sovereignty protections.”

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