Clyburn Panics! Fears Democrats Will Lose Majority If Biden Doesn’t Nuke Filibuster

As the saying goes, the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the oil, and there are few squeakier wheels than Democrat Rep. James Clyburn, the engineer of Joe Biden’s political resurrection.

The South Carolina congressman is increasingly restive that new election rigging bill from Democrats isn’t going to get GOP support in the Senate and has put a call in for lunchbucket Joe to return a favor.

Clyburn is pleading for Biden to apply some serious muscle to holdout Senator Joe Manchin, who remains the biggest obstacle to what would be the end of democracy in America with the Orwellian titled “For The People Act” stripping states of the ability to run their own elections.

Manchin has strongly emphasized that he opposes the elimination of the filibuster, the legislative procedure that is the last remaining barrier standing between the permanent one-party dictatorship of the Democrats but Clyburn simply isn’t going to take no for an answer.

“If the two voting rights bills before Congress don’t reach Biden’s desk soon,” he said, “Democrats can kiss the majority goodbye.”

In remarks to Politico, the House Majority Whip is seeking to get Biden to authorize a “carve out” that would allow Democrats to rig the game in order to get their legislation around the filibuster by designating it as being essential to the Constitution.

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According to Politico; Biden could “pick up the phone and tell [Sen.] Joe Manchin, ‘Hey, we should do a carve out.’” Clyburn said, referring to the centrist West Virginia Democrat who has resisted filibuster reform. “I don’t care whether he does it in a microphone or on the telephone — just do it.”

Clyburn also revealed the real reason why it is essential to effectively burn down the Senate by exiling Republicans to a state of enduring powerlessness; “If the two voting rights bills before Congress don’t reach Biden’s desk soon, Clyburn said, “Democrats can kiss the majority goodbye.” Reported Politico.

The bill was seemingly dealt a major blow when the Supreme Court upheld Arizona’s election integrity law that banned the practice of ballot harvesting, a method of cheating that Democrats and their activist footsoldiers have perfected in recent years and one that was integral to their being able to retake the White House and the Senate last year.

One month ago, Clyburn whined on MSNBC further about Joe Manchins desire to keep the filibuster:

Politico also quoted Clyburn’s fellow House member Jamie Raskin, the top member of Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked team for the failed second impeachment of Trump.

“This is an existential crisis for democracy and the party that is defending democracy,” said Raskin, once again reverting to the tiresome trope about defending “democracy” which when it comes to the Democrats, means anything but the textbook definition. Raskin will get another shot at Trump as a member of Pelosi’s sham special committee on the so-called “insurrection” when it kicks off.

Whether Biden will pull the pin on the grenade that truly destroys democracy in America remains to be seen but were it not for Clyburn who coordinated the ambush that derailed Bernie Sanders in last year’s primaries, one from which he never recovered, the former veep never would have made his return trip to the White House.

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