CNN Gave Canned CNN+ Staffers ‘Gift Boxes’ After Mass Layoffs (Video)

CNN+ as an epic failure has been in the news for some time. The streaming service lasted a few weeks before Warner Brothers decided to shut it down due to the fact that it was a $300 million project with less than 10,000 viewers at any given time. The streaming service offered news 24/7 for just $5.99 a month.

Hundreds of regular CNN employees moved over to CNN plus leaving stable jobs behind in order to be a part of the company’s future. Now their future is unstable when they were abruptly let go last month due to the CNN plus being a ratings and financial disaster. Staffers were offered six months of severance pay if they weren’t able to pivot to a new job within CNN proper after three months. However, the gift packages they received after being fired are a major faux pas.

In what seems like a hurried attempt to close down and clean up the disaster that was CNN+, staffers received welcome gifts to the company after being fired. Those same staffers were aghast and furious at having left their stable jobs for this ill-fated experiment and then getting welcome gifts after their termination. The welcome box included food, headphones, pens, and even popcorn makers all branded with CNN+.

Given that CNN+ no longer exists, perhaps these staffers could eBay these items for the pay that they’re not going to get anymore. After all, they are unique and rare items and there would be someone willing to pay crazy amounts of money for something like that. Capitalize on your disaster, it’s the American way.

To further add insult to injury, these gift packages also had welcome notes inside. The notes said, “This is an incredible time to be part of CNN. Build relationships and take time to connect with colleagues and learn so that you make the most of your time here.” How awful would it be to open up a gift box from your former employer who just laid you off that says welcome?

CNN claims that the gift boxes were sent in error, but let’s be realistic, they just wanted to get rid of anything related to the embarrassment that is CNN+. They probably had intended to send these gift boxes out at the end of the first month anyway and said at least the former staff get something free.

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The failure of CNN plus represents a failure of legacy media to pivot to an era where they no longer have a bad guy, Trump, to constantly drone on about how horrible he is. Legacy media is a parrot for the government. If you’ve ever looked up on YouTube, project mockingbird, and watched as the news across the nation used the exact same talking points word for word on several stories, you will understand why legacy media is dying. Unfortunately, these staffers got caught in the middle of a shift in the landscape on news and their former employer didn’t have the basic common grace as to not rub their nose in being terminated.


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