CNN Goes Woke! Says Republicans Only Oppose Obama Because They Are Racist

CNN ran a segment this week claiming that Republicans “mostly” opposing former President Barack Obama because they are racist.

During a special show called “A Radical Rebellion: The Transformation of the GOP,” host Fareed Zakaria said conservatives were sent into a racist overdrive after Obama won the 2008 presidential election.

“It was, of course, race – the issue Republicans had happily exploited – that would finally push the party to the edge. A black President in the White House triggered a dramatic response,” Zakaria said.

“The rise of the Tea Party movement was supposed to be a response to ObamaCare. But, in reality, it was mostly a response to Obama’s race,” Zakaria said after showing footage from some Tea Party protests.

“The base began not only to hate Obama,” argued Zakaria. “But to despise GOP leaders for being unable to stop him. They soured on the Bushes, on John McCain, on Mitt Romney, searching instead for someone who would embody their rage, and finally give them their revolution.”

Zakaria then claimed Republicans flocked to Donald Trump because they wanted a revolution.

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“This was the beginning of a calculated two-faced dance by Republican politicians — not voicing the conspiracies themselves, but embracing the conspiracy theories,” he said.

“But now, ever since Donald Trump’s election, Republican officials have mostly dispensed with the denials and the condemnations of the crazies,” he added.

“But Republican politicians are now riding the back of a tiger, and they can’t get off. Reagan, Gingrich, Trump – all the icons on the right whipped their followers up into a froth of hysteria, and promised that they will repeal and reverse most of these terrible trends,” he said.

“But, of course, it never happens, which makes the Republican base grow more and more angry. And, as their sense of betrayal grows, so does their sense of desperation that American civilization is in great danger of collapse,” he added.


“There is a great and honorable space in America for a party of limited and efficient government that values traditionalism, and that believes that social change should take place slowly and organically,” he continued.

“But that’s different from a band of ideological warriors with apocalyptic visions that fear the End of Days, seeing opponents as traitors and devils, and believes that all methods are sanctioned in its battle to save civilization and itself. In short, the Republican party needs to have a political exorcism, drive out its demons, and come to terms with the modern world,” he concluded.

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This comes as CNN was forced to fire a contributor with a history of pro-Hitler tweets.

“Adeel Raja, who lists himself as a ‘Freelance Contributor at CNN’ on his LinkedIn profile, appears to have published several articles for CNN’s webpage,” The Washington Examiner reported. “According to the LinkedIn profile, Raja has held the position from August 2013 until the present day. His most recent byline for the outlet appears to have been from Sept. 16, 2020.”

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