CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Does NOTHING When Guest Calls Trump ‘Terrorist-in-Chief’

Another day, another outrageous comment made on CNN by a liberal who will not face any consequences for their actions.

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During an interview on CNN, anchor Brooke Baldwin spoke with professor Melina Abdullah to discuss President Donald Trump’s “response” to a Black Lives Matter street painting in New York City outside Trump Tower. 

Abdullah used the opportunity to literally call Trump “the embodiment of white supremacist terrorism” and the “terrorist-in-chief.” 

Baldwin did not correct her or ask her to take back her statement. In fact, Baldwin theatrically made a facial gesture and told viewers that Abdullah was just simply expressing her “freedom of opinion.”

Below is the transcript, via Newsbusters:

BROOKE BALDWIN: President Trump is lashing out at New York City’s plans to paint “black lives matter” on Fifth Avenue right outside of his Trump Tower. He called the phrase den grading and symbol of hate a suggested New York police should stop the sign from being painted. He also blasted New York Mayor Bill de Blasio for slashing $1 billion from the NYPD’s budget. The mayor responded by calling the phrase “a symbol of truth” and called the president’s disparaging remarks “the definition of racism.” Melina Abdullah is the organizer, is an organizer, one of the original members of Black Lives Matter, and a professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State Los Angeles. So, Malina, it is truly a pleasure to have you on. Welcome.

MELINA ABDULLAH: Thank you so much for having me.

BALDWIN: So let’s just begin with the words the president used this BLM street painting. A symbol of hate. Your response to that?  

ABDULLAH: I think it’s the height of hypocrisy for Donald Trump to call anything a symbol of hate. He is the embodiment of hate, and for him to say that affirming the value of black life is somehow hate, again, reminds us of who he is.  

BALDWIN: Hmm. Well, he — as he’s tweeting this, he’s tripling down. If you just look at this week alone, the fact that he shared two videos on Twitter, one of which shows, you know, this guy shouting “White power.” The other showing a couple in St. Louis pointing those guns at protesters and then this NYPD tweet. It is only Wednesday. He is stoking the racial divide in this country. The election is still four months away, so if, and quite frankly when the president does this again, how should the country respond?

ABDULLAH: Well, I think we need to remember who he is. That, you know, Donald Trump is the embodiment of white supremacist terrorism. When he is tweeting videos of people throwing up white power and really entrenching himself  within the white terrorist movement, right? He’s done that not just only over the last week, but over the last four years, and you see that real manifest in terms of the surge in hate crimes, which are primarily meted out on black people and at the hands of white people. So it’s really important to understand what Donald Trump has done to this country, and where he’s chosen to align himself. For him, again, to call anything to hate is really the height of hypocrisy, and, you know, we need as a country to be willing to point to him and say that he is actually the terrorist in chief.  

BALDWIN: Wow. Those are strong, strong words. Obviously, the White House would dispute that, but you’re allowed your freedom of opinion, and the fact is that the president is highly critical of Black Lives Matter. You know, also been critical of a notion tearing down our nation’s monuments, Confederate monuments because as he points out they a part of our nation’s history, but isn’t the part of the reason Black Lives Matter was because of our nation’s history? Can you, Melina, speak to that? Take us back to the beginning.  

ABDULLAH: Yeah, absolutely. Black Lives Matter is working towards a world that no longer targets black people for demise, right? We recognize that the foundation of this country is really one that has been grounded in racism. It’s based on the stolen land of indigenous people and the stolen labor of black people, and if we’re going to really kind of advance the cause of justice, we need to come to a place of reckoning where we recognize exactly what this country is based on and do all that we can to remedy those wrongs and move forward in a new way.


Just imagine if anyone at Fox News calls former President Barack Obama our “terrorist-in-chief.”

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Democrats and liberals in the media would be demanding that person be fired. But when they say it about Trump, it’s fair game and nothing happens.

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