CNN Stoops To New Low; Smears Tucker Carlson As ‘Propagandist. Parasite. Illness’

The left’s favorite ‘cable news’ channels transformed themselves from quasi-legitimate sources of information into Goebbels-style propaganda outlets for the Democratic Party in the age of President Donald Trump.

Four years later, the self-destruction is both evident and complete: These networks are rife with pseudo-journalists who are borderline insane and whose programs are rife with spittle-laced rants, tin foil hat conspiracies, and loathing for anyone who doesn’t go along with their unhinged perspectives.

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‘Journalists’ like CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

The Daily Caller has more:

…Keilar responded Friday to criticism from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson over CNN’s coverage of Wednesday’s riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Keilar said that Carlson was “having a harder time” understanding that it was an “insurrection,” “sedition” and that it was “incited by the President.”

Carlson criticized CNN during Thursday’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” claiming that the network “unveiled a Soviet-style enemies list to make it a little easier to find all those Trump supporters and then destroy them.”

“The insurrection at the U.S. Capitol? It wasn’t insurrection,” Carlson, the Daily Caller co-founder, added. “It was a political protest that got completely out of control as we said before because the president recklessly encouraged it, and that is wrong. But it was not an insurrection.”

Keilar the Magnificent disagrees, and so does the dictionary, she says.

“Don’t take his word for it. Don’t take mine,” said Keilar. “It was an insurrection. Take Merriam Webster’s word for it.”

“Since this guy pretends not to understand big words in a truthful context, let’s use pictures,” Keilar added before showing several images of the people participating in the riots.

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“This was an armed uprising. They were armed with anything they could get their hands on, and that included guns and other weapons, which the D.C. Police chief said were recovered from the capitol complex.” Keilar continued.

First of all, no one who knows better trusts anything anyone at CNN ‘reports.’

Two, maybe someone should inform Keilar that the only gunplay on Wednesday involved a Capitol Police officer who shot and killed a protester trying to break into a highly sensitive room just off the House chamber.

There is no serious journalism at CNN — or any of the other alphabet left-wing ‘news’ entities — any longer. To pretend otherwise is simply irrational.