CNN: There Is No Media Outlet Out There That Tears Down Trump Like They Do Biden

On Sunday, CNN guest Errin Haines tried claiming that there are no left-wing news outlets who target President Donald Trump like right-wing outlets target former Vice President Joe Biden.

The comments from Haines came while she was talking about the attacks on Biden with CNN panelists Nicole Hemmer and David Zurawik and host Brian Stelter.


After playing clips of conservative show hosts hammer Biden for his mental decline, Stelter turned to the panelists to get their opinion on the matter.

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“Nicole, first to you, negative partisanship, it kind of explains everything about what is broken in our media environment because there’s all of these media outlet, all of these radio stars constantly attacking, fueling hatred of the other side," Stelter said. "Am I right to say this happens on the left and the right but it’s more severe on the right currently?”

“Yes. I would say it’s more severe on the right currently,” Hemmer replied, arguing that conservatives attack from “overtly ideological media outlets” which goes back for 30 years. “There is this sort of habit of attacking Democrats that goes pretty far back. If you look at like the 1990s and the way that Rush Limbaugh and others sort of sharpened their teeth on Bill Clinton, this is the way they built audiences,” she said.

Stelter followed up by asking Haines if there were any left-wing networks that were committed to destroying Trump like conservatives networks allegedly do to Biden.

“When you see entire media companies essentially exist to tear down Joe Biden, is there an equivalent of that on the left, tearing down Trump?” he asked.

“There really isn’t. What I would say is it’s really a diet of this type of information that a lot of these voters are getting,” Haines responded. “A lot of the voters I talk to, I can — when I interview them, I do hear them saying a lot of the talking points that sound very familiar from some of these shows that I try to listen to when I’m out on the campaign trail or when I’m home, watching TV. You can hear these comments being echoed by voters.”

WATCH the clip below:

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Read the transcript below of Stelter's reaction to conservative voices who target Biden:

CNN’s BRIAN STELTER: Let’s go on a trip together to a totally alternative universe. You never hear what’s happening there unless you tune into right-wing talk radio, but you need to know what they are saying because the most popular, most powerful talkers in the country have trained their sights on Joe Biden. What you are about to hear them say is mind-boggling. Look, whether you like Biden or not, this stuff is offensive and other-worldly.

So, let me set the stage for this before I play the clips. Keep in mind that news and talk radio is still really popular, even in the Internet age. Guys like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity can influences tens of millions of listeners. And as this HuffPost headline pointed out earlier this year, talk radio stars were shopping dangerous claims about the coronavirus. They were downplaying its severity.

But now-a-days, if you listen to those shows, you hardly hear about COVID at all. They have shifted to big-time Biden-bashing instead. You know what this is? This is negative partisanship in action. So, what’s negative partisanship? Well, these researchers from Emory University define it as a pretty simple concept. They say in this article for Politico Magazine that over the past few decades, American politics has become like a bitter sports rivalry in which the parties hang together mainly out of sheer hatred of the other team, rather than a shared sense of purpose. The researchers showed that partisans, meaning strong supporters of a specific party, have grown to dislike the opposing party “more than they like their own party.”

So, when the president, for example, says that Biden is “against God,” that’s negative partisanship. It is so hateful. But I want to be clear, there’s a lot of negative partisanship that happens on the Left as well. Disdain and nastiness directed at the Right. This is happening in all directions, but it is especially extreme, especially vitriolic on the Right, directed at Joe Biden. And directed at other Democrats right now. We see it all the time on Fox News, a channel that often seems more anti-Democrat than pro-Trump. These shows are the pro-Trump media, but they have so much venom toward the Democrats, they use that to distract from Trump’s failures. Some of the commentary on the radio is even worse. That’s why this week our producing team listened to these right-wing radio shows, took them seriously, tried to get a sense of what they are saying about Biden because they’re barely talking about COVID anymore. They’re all focused on Biden. This stuff is outrageous, but it does impact the campaign.

RUSH LIMBAUGH: The contrast and knowledge of events and issues, mental acuity, the contrast between Trump and Biden is striking. It’s why they’re keeping Biden in the basement.

MARK LEVIN: I actually don’t believe Joe Biden is working out of his house. I believe he’s working out of a nursing home or an assisted living home, because that’s what he needs.

BEN SHAPIRO: The big problem for Joe Biden is that he is falling apart. He’s just falling apart.

MICHAEL SAVAGE: He’s not really running for the office. It’s the communist that he picks as his number two who will be running America within three months after he gets sent to the long, long rest he has worked for all of his life. You know, a blanket over his hips, around the clock suites, around the clock care. The man needs the care right now. I pity the man.

STELTER: Fox’s narrative and talk radio’s narrative for months has been that Joe Biden is falling apart. You just heard Ben Shapiro say it, falling apart. And there he is riding a bike, out for a bike ride. And Fox, of all networks, is the one that showed it happen. Look, we are going to see negative partisanship fuel the next three months. The last three months of this never-ending campaign. It is a key part of what is going on. Is a potion, an ugly potion that’s only, only getting worse.

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