CNN’s Zoomin’ Toobin Gushes Over Mike Pence

Former Vice President and current enemy of much of the MAGA movement Mike Pence found a new, likely unexpected friend in CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, the guy who was briefly sent home from the network after being caught masturbating while on a Zoom call.

That’s because Zoomin Toobin took a break of self-pleasure for long enough to not just congratulate Mike Pence for his “bravery” in hiding while Trump supporters cracked a few beers in the Capitol and messed around with Nancy Pelosi’s lectern, but to positively gush over Pence in a recent tweet, saying:

I never thought of Mike Pence as a Harrison Ford type, but he sure sounded like one in the description of the hearing today. #January6thHearings

Toobin elaborated on that in a subsequent CNN segment in which he attacked Trump and cheered Pence, saying:

Well, he put Mike Pence in tremendous danger. I got to say, this was more like a Harrison Ford movie than a congressional hearing. I mean, the idea of Mike Pence, as his staff, gets into cars, Pence says we’re not leaving here, we are going to stay, and I’m going to do my constitutional duty as vice president of the United States. Get out of the cars, get back into the Capitol.

I mean, that’s a very moving scene, and good for Mike Pence. And, you know, to see those pictures of him at this loading dock, wherever that was — I mean, this was a moment in American history that could have gone either way. I mean, I think that’s, you know, so reinforced.

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I mean, there could have been a lot more deaths. There could have been a constitutional crisis. It was bad enough as it was. But it could have been a lot worse.

And Mike Pence deserves a lot of credit for the resolution was as good, if that’s the word, as it turned out to be.

Toobin then brought up the Harrison Ford thing again in a later segment, saying,in likely reference to the movie “Air Force One”:

I never really associated Mike Pence with Harrison Ford, but that was like a Harrison Ford movie. They were a lot, like what we heard, you know, at the at this incredibly tense moment when the rioters are coming after him and the Secret Service puts all of his staff into the limos and says, we’re getting the hell out of here because it’s too dangerous.

Pence says, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying here. I’m doing my constitutional duty. Despite what my boss, the president, said.”

It was an act of real courage on the part of Mike Pence, and there was real danger there. And I just think that is worth taking note of because, you know, as bad as this situation was, it would have been worse but for Mike Pence’s courage.

One wonders if Toobin would have been praising Trump for a similar reaction to leftist rioters. Probably not. In fact, there’s about a zero percent chance he even would have brought it up, just as he won’t if Pence somehow becomes the GOP candidate.

But, for now, Pence and Toobin are on the same, anti-MAGA side, so CNN’s Zoomin Toobin will zip up his pants and gush over Pence from time to time.

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