Comer: Biden “Compromised” By His Connection to this “National Security Risk”

Rep. James Comer of Kentucky appeared on FNC’s “Fox & Friends First” to discuss Slow Joe Biden and an aspect of his presidency that has fallen by the wayside of other, more personally impactful crises of the Biden Administration, such as inflation and gas prices.

That would be the simmering problem that is Hunter Biden and his alleged influence peddling abroad, something that many Americans find highly concerning and inappropriate.

Rep. Comer, speaking about Joe Biden, his brother, and Hunter Biden, said, when discussing their concerning relationship and activities:

“There’s going to continue to be information leak out about Joe Biden’s involvement with Hunter and his brother — and we can’t forget about his brother. A lot of the focus is always on Hunter Biden, but Joe Biden’s brother has been involved in nearly as many shady business dealings where he’s tried to peddle influence as Hunter.”

Continuing, he then pointed out that not only do Biden’s relatives have issues that raise eyebrow, but also that it appears that Biden was involved and knowledgeable about what Hunter was up to. Discussing that, Comer said:

“So, the Biden family has issues. And I have got some bad news for the mainstream media and Democratic leaders in Washington: Joe Biden did have knowledge of Hunter’s shady business dealings. He was involved.”

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That flies in the face of Biden’s claim that he never spoke to Hunter about what he was up to. As he put it during his campaign: “I’ve never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

However, there appears to be more evidence for Comer’s position than Biden’s. In a recently leaked message, for example, Biden told Hunter he was “in the clear” after making a deal with a Chinese businessman, as Breitbart reported.

And what was Joe Biden involved in, or at least knowledgeable of? Attempts to peddle his name abroad, including to the government of nations hostile to the United States, such as China. In Comer’s words:

There was always an attempt by Hunter Biden when he would peddle his services to our adversaries in foreign countries that he had access to the federal government at the highest levels.”

Comer then pledged that the GOP would take action if Merrick Garland and the Justice Department would not do so, saying:

So, this is going to come out. If it doesn’t come out because of anything that Merrick Garland or the Department of Justice does, I can assure the American people that there’s going to be a hearing early on in the new Republican majority that’s going to bring a lot of these concerns to light, and it’s very serious concerns.”

Finally, emphasizing why that investigation is important, Rep. Comer said:

“And the American people are going to see why the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are spending so much time investigating Hunter Biden because he is a national security risk, and he has created a situation where the president is compromised in certain areas.

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