California is at it again! What should be an absolute playground, California has been turned into a socialist, leftist nightmare by the Democrats. The indoctrination of kids, far left policies regarding law enforcement, homelessness and crime, and the liberal elite have turned California into a place most Americans would think only exists in movies or science fiction.

Sadly, it’s 2022 California. Even the most American, patriotic events have been ruined by liberalism. Even high school football.

The football team at Santa Clarita, California’s, Saugus High School has been informed they will no longer be allowed to carry a “Thin Blue Line” flag beside the U.S. flag when they take the field.

The team was told the “Thin Blue Line” flag is “divisive,”

Since when is supporting police and first responders divisive? Because BLM and liberals and criminals hate America and the police? High school football is the most American of activities. The Saugus High School team apparently had a number of real patriots, until Communism stepped in.

The district superintendent gave a cowardly statement in regard to the flag:

“Just three short days ago, I became aware of a concern about this symbol being flown at Saugus High School football games. Despite emails for immediate action, and threats of consequences if certain steps weren’t taken within a specific timeline, we determined to take our time to understand the issue accurately and to respond thoughtfully.”

Despite taking time to review the issue, the district made the cowardly move of restricting the free speech of some of its students and banned the use of the “thin blue line’ flag.

It remains to be seen what “consequences” were threatened, but suffice to say at that point the superintendent should have ended the issue and allowed the flag. If you are in charge of a school district and people march in and make demands of your position, while consideration of those demands may be necessary, caving to threats of “consequences” is a non starter. Conversation over at that point.

He indicated the Saugus High School football coach, Jason Bornn, supported banning the flag.

Kuhlman wrote, “(It) occurred to (Bornn) that it’s possible that some players on the team might not be entirely enthusiastic about a symbol that is being used to represent the entire team.”

The cowardly coach in this situation did his team and these kids a disservice. In America, majority is supposed to rule, not the hurt feeling of the few. Coach Bornn betrayed his players, and the brave first responders of his area by denying the flag. First responders that coincidentally were the ones running INTO the gunshots at a school shooting at this very school several years ago.

Brandy Roggentein, a Saugus High parent, recalled law enforcement officers rushed into the school while everyone else was rushing out during a November 14, 2019, shooting on campus.

Roggentein said, “One of the first responders was a parent who dropped off a kid (at the time) and he literally saved some lives. The fact that the school is not honoring that is mind-blowing and disgusting,”

She is correct, of course. The district decided to err on the side of political correctness because a few socialist libs complained about the police flag. Undoubtedly those people have needed emergency services before, so the hypocrisy runs deep.

The team should lay down on the coach until the flag bearing is reinstated and the students are once again allowed to be proud Americans. Even if they ARE in Commiefornia.


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