Conservatives Raise Over 100k for AOC’s Grandmother, Here’s Why It Might Not Be A Not a Good Look

A few days ago, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, tweeted a photo which allegedly was her grandmother’s home. The tweet featured two photos of a small apartment seemingly derelict apartment as a result of hurricane Maria. AOC complained that her grandmother was being forced to live in that manner because Trump blocked relief money for Puerto Rico. It is curious, given that AOC makes enough money to drive a Tesla and lives in a luxury building in Washington DC, she could probably spare a couple thousand dollars to help her grandmother in her poor living conditions, but apparently that is not the job of a family member, but of the US taxpayers.

Conservative columnist and political commentator, Matt Walsh jumped on the post: ‘AOC went and bought herself a Tesla while her grandmother lives in a shack with a collapsing ceiling.’

Regardless, him pointing out the hypocrisy, along with many other commentators, was not enough. Walsh also had to make a bigger show of how much of a charlatan AOC is by setting up a GoFundMe page for her “abuela.” With the hashtag #HelpAbuela, Walsh, along with Candace Owens, Michael Knowles, Ben Shapiro, and others, raised over 100 thousand dollars for AOC’s grandmother.

The left reacted by calling Matt Walsh a colonizer and a racist, and so did AOC. They said his point of giving her and her family 100k was to insult her. GoFundMe ended up shutting down the campaign and supposedly all of the donations will be returned. Even though the conservative influencers where successful in showcasing the insincerity of AOC and the left, along with their obvious intent never to reach a compromise with conservatives, the stunt certainly pissed off a lot of people on the right as well.

It seems obvious to many people that we have reached a point of irreconciliation with the left, It is obvious the conservatives are the ones constantly trying to make compromises, and all they do is point of double standards. However, many believe instead of starting funds for your enemy’s grandmother’s, perhaps these conservative influencers with large audiences could also make an attempt to raise money for conservatives and Trump supporters who are struggling to pay their lawyer fees after the persecution following January 6ththis year.

Nick Fuentes tweeted, “Conservatives are literally fundraising for AOC’s abuela as a publicity stunt before they lift a finger to help the Capitol defendants who face decades in prison for trespassing.” Nick was not alone on his sentiment; many others echoed the sentiment.

Users on Telegram and Twitter expressed frustration at the fact that many Americans are currently losing their savings paying lawyer fees because they strolled through the Capitol on January 6th. Others have lost their jobs and businesses for standing up to their religious beliefs, and big-time influencers have not attempted to raise money for them, but they have for a publicity stunt to prove AOC is a liar. Most of us know she is, the left will not change sides, but there are still people who actually need help on the conservative side, but unfortunately they are not being helped by big donations by major influencers.