Conservatives Win Big In Local Elections With Upset Over Democrats

Local elections held on Tuesday are seeing Republicans and conservative candidates triumphant while handing Democrats a resounding defeat.

In the past year voters have seen what it looks like when Democrats are in total power in Washington. From transgender girls playing in sports, to Critical Race Theory being taught to children, some voters are waking up to the fact that local elections are where change can be made right now.

It is encouraging to see that conservatives are interested in their local judges and school board members. The message is clear, we will not step aside and allow the leftist ideologies to be shoved down our children’s throats. Which is exactly what is being done all across America. To combat the extremism of the socialist vision for the U.S. we need conservative judges and school board members who will have the backbone to stand against leftist tyranny.

In Wisconsin, Samantha Kerkman defeated Democrat Rebecca Matoska-Mentink to become the first woman to serve as executive of Kenosha County.

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In Waukesha County, Wisconsin, conservative County Circuit Court Judge Maria Lazar defeated Judge Lori Kornblum for a seat on the Court of Appeals for District II. Judge Kornblum was appointed to the Court of Appeals by Democratic Governor Tory Evers in 2021.

Judge Lazar’s win gives conservatives a 3-1 majority on the court. The court rules over the appeals from 12 county districts in southeast Wisconsin.

Newsweek reported on the stunning success that the Republicans had at the school board level.

“Conservatives also appear to have had success at the school board level. In the Waukesha school board election, three challengers—Karrie Kozlowski, Marquell Moorer and Mark Borowski—were triumphant.

Though that school board was a nonpartisan contest, all three winning candidates were backed by the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

In the Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin school board race, the self-described “Moms on a Mission” all won election. Nina Christensen, Shelley Holzman and Chris Stueland succeeded in a contest where they had expressed concern about books provided to children.

Stueland had said on Facebook that she had no interest in banning books but said “what we are interested in doing is protecting students from sexually explicit content without parental knowledge.”

Christensen had been among a number of parents who organized a protest against masks, while Stueland also expressed concern about mask mandates.

Two conservatives triumphed in elections for the Elmbrook School Board in Brookfield, Wisconsin, according to Fox 6 News political reporter Jason Calvi, while in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, mothers Heather Eslick and Jennifer Foley won their school board races.

Eslick has been critical of equality and diversity programs and argued against initiatives that are “identity-based” in their focus. Foley has also been critical of diversity programs.”

With the midterm election months away, one could hope that these local wins are an indicator of what is yet to come.

If Republicans could take back the House and the Senate, they would be able to put a muzzle on the rabid leftist agenda. President Biden’s agenda would be essentially be stymied.

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