Conspiracy Crazed Pelosi Suggests McConnell Is Working For Russia

Democrats no longer live in a reality-based world and it is largely due to the lies of their leadership figures that they have taken to conspiracy theories to explain their failure as a political entity. 

When the "unbeatable" Hillary Clinton was upset by political novice Donald J. Trump in 2016, the party and its media mouthpieces refused to accept that their candidate was widely despised and that their policies were out of touch with America. 



Instead they embraced loony fables of Russian election meddling, Trump as being in cahoots with Vladimir Putin and all manner of boogeymen so paranoid that they could have been plucked from the height of 1950's Cold War hysteria. 

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The great Russian collusion hoax was eventually debunked when poor old stammering Robert Mueller delivered his testimony to Congress last summer but Democrats are still clinging it to explain away their political toxicity. 

And on Sunday morning, Nancy Pelosi went there when the Speaker Of The House, the leader of the Democratic party and person third in the line of succession to the presidency suggested that Mitch McConnell was a Kremlin stooge. 

Via The Washington Examiner, "'I wonder about Mitch McConnell': Pelosi accuses GOP leader of being 'accomplice' to Russian election interference":

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Trump is "in complete denial" about Russia's attempts to meddle in the 2020 election and accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of being an "accomplice" to Russian interference, claiming that she wonders about his allegiance to the United States.

The California Democrat made the comments on Sunday during an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week.

"Bloomberg is reporting, this Friday, the possibility that there is an investigation now on whether or not the Russians are trying to help President Trump and hurt Joe Biden," said Stephanopoulos, later continuing, "How worried are you about Russian interference in 2020; are we doing all we can to prevent it?"

"No, and the president of the United States is in complete denial about Russia's role," replied Pelosi. "As I have said, in terms of this president, all roads lead to Putin."

Pelosi, 79, then pivoted to McConnell, saying he has "resisted sources" that suggest Russian meddling in American elections.

"Sometimes I wonder about Mitch McConnell too," remarked Pelosi. "What's he — why is he an accomplice to all of that? He has resisted sources going in a manner commensurate with the threat for state agencies, whichever they are in a state, could be the secretary of state or whatever, to protect our infrastructure, our critical infrastructure of elections."

This is where we are in America in 2020. The leader of a major political party is able to go on national television and accuse the Senate Majority Leader of treason and being the pawn of a foreign adversary. 

It already looks as though President Trump's latest addition to his list of epic nicknames for political foes "Crazy Nancy" is going to stick. 

Speaker Pelosi has previously smeared McConnell as "Moscow Mitch" when she didn't get her way months before the Kentucky Republican schooled the self-proclaimed "master legislator" on the Senate's role in the impeachment process. 

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Her latest foray into McCarthyism coincides with a new propaganda campaign that is already pre-blaming Russia for the likely losses that Democrats are going to incur this November when the voters have a chance to boot the crazies out of office. 

History has shown that on occasion, entire societies have been vulnerable to the paranoid delusions of unprincipled demagogues but this is America and fewer are drinking the Democrats' conspiracy Kool-Aid although that doesn't stop Pelosi from continuing to flog a dead horse.