Conspiracy Theorist Jerrold Nadler Accuses GOP Senators Of Cover-Up

Top House Democrat Jerrold Nadler joined his fellow impeachment managers in making the rounds on the Sunday morning show to sell their illicit coup against President Trump. 

Now that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has presented the articles of impeachment to the upper chamber, handed out souvenir pens and fist-bumped with Bill Maher, it is up to the media to assist House Dems with selling their bogus case to the public. 


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With fellow conspirator Adam Schiff making his normal Sunday morning appearance, the man who has nurtured a decades-long vendetta against Trump since the days when he was a New York real estate developer showed up on CBS's "Face The Nation" today. 

The porcine chairman of the House Judiciary Committee put the kibosh on the idea that Hunter Biden could be made to testify while at the same time, promoting a conspiracy theory that GOP senators who do not allow witnesses hostile to Trump are engaging in a nefarious cover-up. 

Via the Transcript:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Okay. Well, on the question of witnesses, from what we are hearing from Senate Republicans, there will eventually be a vote on whether or not to hear from witnesses. Not a commitment upfront, but an agreement to talk about it and vote on it later. Is there any circumstance in which Democrats would consider, for reciprocity, having Hunter Biden come and testify?

REP. NADLER: You know, the question of witnesses in any trial, in any trial, all relevant witnesses must be heard. Whether if- if you're accused of robbing a bank, testi- testimony that I saw him rob the bank or he was somewhere else, he couldn't have robbed the bank, is admissible. It's not negotiable whether you have witnesses. And this whole controversy about whether there should be witnesses is just- is really a question of does the Senate want to have a fair trial or do they- or are they part of the cover up of the president? Any Republican senator who says there should be no witnesses or even that witnesses should be negotiated is part of the cover up.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, you're saying no way would Hunter Biden ever be called to testify?

REP. NADLER: Well, I'm saying that Hunter Biden has no knowledge of the accusations against the president. Did the president, as we said- as the evidence shows that he did, betray his country by conspiring with a foreign country to- to try to rig the election? Hunter Biden has nothing to say about that. They're- they're asking for Hunter Biden is just more of a smear of Hunter Biden that the president's trying to get the Ukraine to do. But the fact of the matter is, let the chief justice rule on- on--


REP. NADLER: --the chief justice in the first instance rules on evidence. The Senate can overrule him. 


REP. NADLER: But no chief justice would- would- would think of- of admitting evidence that- that is not relevant--

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Nadler's dodge on the former vice president's scoundrel of a son shows that Democrats are prepared to fight tooth fang and claw to prevent Hunter Biden's testimony with their ludicrous claims that it is not relevant when nothing can be further from the truth. 

It is clear to any who are unbiased that the only ones engaging in a cover-up are the Democrats who are desperate to prevent any scrutiny of their racket in Ukraine when Barack Obama and Joe Biden were in the White House.