COP OUT: Nikki Haley Betrays Trump On His Way Out

We always knew that, for the most part, the Washington establishment and political class are self-perpetuating in nature, cowardly overall, yet quick to ingratiate themselves to each other whenever the slightest perceived political peril arises.

For a time, those who voted for and supported Donald Trump, the ultimate political outsider, believed that people who wanted to come to work for him were like he was: Principled, steadfast, ‘America first’ conservatives who cared for them as much as the president did.

Boy, were we wrong.

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One by one, from the moment the president got to the White House, those who served with him were revealed to be nothing more than the swamp rats he was elected to root out and send packing. The betrayals, the leaks, the phony narratives, the entrapments – unprecedented in their scope – steadily took their toll. 

Finally though, by the time his reelection rolled around, Trump had managed to whittle away the swamp chaff and retain a core group of trusted, capable, strong individuals who were helping him realize the promise of his ‘America First’ agenda.

The Swamp couldn’t stand that – or stand for it – anymore.

So they did the only thing left for them to do, short of resorting to the unthinkable: They stole Trump’s reelection because they knew there was no other way to defeat him. And in the process, they have sent a message to any follow-on ‘Trumplicans’ – shed the stench of this administration or face retribution of the kind you’ve never imagined followed by political banishment.

And no elitist who has sipped the nectar of absolute power ever again wishes to drink from the same fountain as the commoners.

So, as it appears though Joe Biden will become president Jan. 20, the RINOs are resorting back to their old ways and political habitat so they can continue to exist in a world that has grown far more important to them than the country they are supposed to be serving.

Enter former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Haley this week “criticized President Donald Trump for his actions since losing the election back in November, adding that he will be ‘judged harshly by history,'” The Daily Caller reported. 

The outlet noted further:

Haley made the comments during a Republican National Committee dinner in Florida on Thursday also complimented the president’s “truly extraordinary gains” during his first term, according to Fox News.

“President Trump has not always chosen the right words. He was wrong with his words in Charlottesville, and I told him so at the time,” She told the Republican dinner. “He was badly wrong with his words yesterday. And it wasn’t just his words. His actions since Election Day will be judged harshly by history.”

Haley, who formerly served as the governor of South Carolina, was a harsh critic of Trump during the 2016 election. She was appointed to UN ambassador by the president in 2017 but left in 2018.

“It’s deeply disappointing,” she told the RNC dinner. “And it’s a real shame, because I am one who believes our country made some truly extraordinary gains in the last four years.”

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Haley added, “We should not shy away from our accomplishments.”

No, we shouldn’t. But we should also stand with a president, inarticulate at times as he was, when he is absolutely, positively right, and when he needs us to stand with him.

Like now. But hey, it’s ‘swamp first, country…eventually,’ eh, Ms. Haley?

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