COVID Controls Forever? Experts Say We May NEVER Reach Herd Immunity

Critics of mask mandates, social distancing, endless school closures, and other COVID-related disruptions to normalcy are routinely abused by the enlightened elite.

Saying things like ‘the powers that be are going to use this pandemic to hold on to their newly acquired authority forever’ are simply unacceptable to the ‘woke’ social and cultural managers among us who know better than we, the unwashed masses, do.

And yet, at every turn, the unwashed masses appear to be spot-on in their assessment.

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After “two weeks to bend the curve” of infection rates has since turned into 14 months (and counting), the goalposts have been routinely moved by ‘lead immunologist’ Dr. Anthony Fauci & Co., as power-mad tyrants like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer, New York’s “COVID nursing home” governor Andrew Cuomo, and California’s Gavin Newsom (and his Democratic buds in the big cities) refuse to allow their citizens to reclaim their freedom.

First, we were told that life couldn’t get back to ‘normal’ until we got a vaccine — back with the enlightened elite thought Donald Trump was full of it when he said he was going to ensure, with “Operation Warp Speed,” that we got vaccines (with an ‘s’) in record time.

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We did. Three of them. But then, suddenly, just getting vaccinated wasn’t enough; we’d need to have enough Americans vaccinated in order to return to normal.

That “herd immunity” thing. Even that proved controversial, though, because what percent of the population would be sufficient?

Sixty-five percent? 70 percent? 110 percent? Who knows?

In fact, now ‘experts’ are telling us that we may never reach herd immunity.

“Instead, they are coming to the conclusion that rather than making a long-promised exit, the virus will most likely become a manageable threat that will continue to circulate in the United States for years to come, still causing hospitalizations and deaths but in much smaller numbers,” The New York Times reported on Monday.

“The virus is unlikely to go away,” Emory University evolutionary biologist Rustom Antia told the Times. “But we want to do all we can to check that it’s likely to become a mild infection.”

Added Lauren Ancel Meyers, director of the Covid-19 Modeling Consortium at the University of Texas at Austin: “We will not achieve herd immunity as a country or a state or even as a city until we have enough immunity in the population as a whole.”


“People were getting confused and thinking you’re never going to get the infections down until you reach this mystical level of herd immunity, whatever that number is,” the Great Fauci told the paper. “That’s why we stopped using herd immunity in the classic sense. I’m saying: Forget that for a second. You vaccinate enough people, the infections are going to go down.”

The Times explained further:

That is because the initial calculations were based on the contagiousness of the original version of the virus. The predominant variant now circulating in the United States, called B.1.1.7 and first identified in Britain, is about 60% more transmissible.

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As a result, experts now calculate the herd immunity threshold to be at least 80%. If even more contagious variants develop, or if scientists find that immunized people can still transmit the virus, the calculation will have to be revised upward again.

If you’ve got the impression that this coronavirus is somehow so much different than all the previous coronaviruses (which have essentially gone away — SARS, MERS, etc.), you’re right.

The question is why? It has to be the power trip.

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