Kamala Harris Suspends Campaign Events After Staffer Comes Down With COVID 19

We've already seen what happens when a single staffer contracts the Corona Virus and how quickly it can spread to other members and staff. Less than two weeks ago, we say the media in an uproar when President Trump contracted the virus and the blame-game that ensued. Note that as of this week, the President, the First Lady, and son, Barron, have all tested negative for the virus.

Just this morning, multiple Kamala Harris campaign staffers have tested positive.


USA Today reports:

A flight crew member, who doesn't work for the campaign, and the senator’s communications director, Liz Allen, tested positive, according to Joe Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon. Harris wasn’t in close contact with either person within two days of the tests and faces no obligation to quarantine, Dillon said.

Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris have apparently been in direct contact with either of the two infected, however they will be taking safety measurements in order to avoid further spread throughout the campaign.

From the Associated Press:

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign said Thursday that Biden had no exposure, though he and Harris spent several hours campaigning together in Arizona on Oct. 8. Both have tested negative for COVID-19 multiple times since then.

It’s the Biden campaign’s first major coronavirus scare, after months of careful health procedures that brought mockery from President Donald Trump, even after a White House virus outbreak that included the president and first lady Melania Trump. The Democratic campaign’s cautious reaction underscores again the differences in how the rival camps have approached the pandemic, both in terms of preferred government response and the candidates’ personal protocols.

Yes, even in a publication about the Harris campaign, the press doesn't miss the opportunity to take a stab at the Trump administration. 

In either case, Kamala Harris will not be traveling to Ohio this weekend, where should would have campaigned in front of the State's largest populations of black voters.

This all comes just days after the Harris and Biden Campaigns (we're not sure if they're synonymous anymore) ruthlessly attacked the President and his administration for what the left continuously calls a "mishandling" of the virus. It was evident that Harris and Biden felt that the President was to blame for his own contracting of the virus.

It just goes to show that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden might be better off spending less time playing the blame-game and more time focusing on the real issues - and their own safety. Hopefully the spread will be contained and the Democratic nominees can return to their regularly scheduled programs.



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