Crazy! Antifa Loving Teacher Paid $190k To Resign

A teacher who displayed an Antifa flag in class and tried to forcefully turn his students into revolutionaries was offered $190,000, which is three years’ worth of his salary, in exchange for his resignation.

Investigations found that he used his position as a teacher to push his own political beliefs, including his admiration for Antifa and communism, on his students. A video of him admitting this as he even offered students extra credit for attending far-left Antifa events was released.

He said, “I post a calendar [of Antifa events] every week. And so like I do it for extra credit. And I’ve had students show up for protests, community events, tabling, food distribution … When they go, they take pictures, they write up a reflection, that’s their extra credit.”

He also added that some students were uncomfortable with his ways, but he didn’t care about them as he described them as fascists. Investigations also showed that he made things challenging for conservative students by creating hostile learning environments. The teacher once posted photos of the conservative students on a political compass next to a swastika. In this video, he added that he had a goal to turn them all into revolutionaries in 180 days and scare the ones who resisted his efforts because they shouldn’t be aligning with values antithetical to what he was preaching.

The Natomas Unified School District made him a generous offer to resign from Inderkum High School instead of immediately terminating his employment after discovering this. However, this ridiculous payout did not go unnoticed by the National Right to Work Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at advancing right-to-work laws. The foundation president Mark Mix released a statement.

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Mark Mix said, “For years, teacher union bosses have manipulated their government-granted monopoly over schools to shield bad teachers from accountability to parents or taxpayers. In such an environment, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when school districts have to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to oust teachers who are flagrantly abusing their power to harm students.” He added that this case is another reason to eliminate the monopoly bargaining power enjoyed by teacher union officials, so they cannot continue to protect the wrong things with their misplaced union priorities.

Former vice chairwoman of the California Republican Party, Harmeet K. Dhillon, voiced her anger as she said this incident indicated the teachers’ union’s hold over schools. “This is a classic example of the death grip the California Teachers Association has on both our schools and our politicians. They’ve made it virtually impossible to fire even the most harmful, corrupt, and anti-learning teachers!” She added that it made no sense for a teacher who repeatedly violated multiple school norms about politicizing the classroom to be paid handsomely to leave. Yet, the district had awarded him with a golden parachute.

The case of Tanner Cross was recalled in contrast to this situation with Gipe. Last year, Tanner was suspended from his role after publicly condemning the transgender policies pushed by the Loudoun County School board. However, this teacher that had committed a crime with severe violations of several policies gets a three-year worth of payment instead. Something has to change!

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