CRAZY PILLS: Adam Schiff Suggests Trump Is Killing Bald Eagles For Campaign Donations

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff has a long history of attacking President Donald Trump, but his latest accusations are utterly ridiculous.

Schiff took to Twitter on Monday night and bizarrely claimed that Trump is intentionally killing Bald Eagles for campaign contributions.


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“The bald eagle is the proud symbol of our nation. Should it become extinct, it will be a tragic symbol of our selfishness and greed. The Endangered Species Act helped rescue the eagle from its plight, but now that law is being weakened. For Trump’s donors and allies. For money,” posted Schiff on social media.

Schiff then accused Trump of advancing “conspiracy theories,” which is preposterous given the Democrat lawmaker has been pushing baseless and unfounded claims of Trump-Russia collusion for over two years.

“Trump brings conspiracy theories from the darkest corners of the internet to the Oval Office. Lies about Obama’s birth, JFK’s death, or now, that the Clintons are responsible for murder… Trump has lied over 12,000 times. He’s the most dishonest president in our history,” posted Schiff on Twitter.

Seems like every time Schiff goes after Trump, he manages to hit an all-time low.

Earlier this month, Schiff found himself in hot water for saying the worst thing imaginable about the deadly shootings two weeks ago.

After the two shootings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, over the weekend -- Schiff joined his fellow Democrats in using the tragedies to push political talking points.

But Schiff took it one step further and said “white supremacist violence” is a bigger threat to Americans than foreign terrorist groups.

“We just had a hearing in the Intelligence Committee about this, because the threat domestically from white supremacist violence now I think is eclipsing the threat from the doctrinations of ISIS and al-Qaida and the like in terms of domestic crimes,” Schiff said.

Schiff then tried connecting Trump to the recent violence by claiming that the president's rhetoric on immigration is somehow linked to the two shootings.

Many will agree Schiff’s claim that “white supremacist violence” is now more dangerous than terrorism is flat-out incorrect.

Schiff's bizarre obsession with Trump has gotten so bad that even liberal host Bill Maher has called him out for it.

The HBO host said during his show recently that Schiff needs to stop "stalking Trump" and get back to actually working for the American people.