Cruz Responds: Will He Run in 2024?

Both on the right and left, there’s intense speculation over who will run in 2024.

Democrats, obviously wanting to get rid of Biden but with no suitable candidate to replace him, are bickering amongst themselves.

Republicans, split between MAGA and Conservative, Inc., are similarly divided over who to put up and, if the MAGA side is chosen, whether Trump or DeSantis would be the better choice.

Furthermore, on the GOP side, while Pence, Trump, and DeSantis have dominated the headlines, there are other candidates waiting to strike if the time seems right.

One such man is Senator and former presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who told the Truth Gazette that “absolutely” is considering running again, perhaps as soon as 2024. Watch him here:

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While the full interview won’t be available until Friday, what is clear from the initial snippet provided is that Cruz is still eyeing the presidency, feeling that he did well in 2016 and has a good shot if he tries again in 2024.

However, while Cruz is certainly popular among Republicans, there’s little enthusiasm for him as a presidential candidate right now. The MAGA base is generally supportive of Trump, with a fraction supporting DeSantis, while the anti-Trumpers are divided among Romneyites, Penceists, and the Cheney cabal.

So, while it’s possible that Cruz has a shot, especially if he finds some way to unite the two groups, it’s not readily apparent that he has the base of support necessary to win the nomination.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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