Cuomo Blasts Sheriffs Who Won’t Enforce His Dictatorial Anti-Thanksgiving Order

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is furious that his dictatorial Thanksgiving decrees have been rejected by several sheriffs who have balked at enforcement. 

Like other tyrannical Democrats, Cuomo has used the coronavirus outbreak to seize extraconstitutional powers under the pretense of a public health emergency and has wielded them with the ruthlessness of Saddam Hussein. 

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In what appears to be a coordinated effort by Democrat officials to break the spirit of already suffering Americans, severe restrictions have been imposed that limit the size of traditional Thanksgiving family gatherings, call for the wearing masks in your own home, limit travel and in the case of one governor, threaten to send the police to break up dinners that are not in compliance. 

After a number of New York sheriffs refused his attempt to turn them into his own political goon squad, the temperamental Cuomo melted down. 

Via The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, “Gov. Andrew Cuomo rips sheriffs for refusing to enforce Thanksgiving gathering limit”:

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo criticized county sheriffs who are vowing to not enforce the state’s new 10-person limit on private gatherings during the holiday, saying it is not up to them to pick and choose which laws they like.

Some sheriffs across upstate have rejected Cuomo’s order last week that bans in-house gatherings of more than 10 people heading into Thanksgiving, saying “living room spread” of COVID-19 is a serious problem as the virus surges across the nation.

“I don’t believe as a law enforcement officer, you have a right to pick and choose what laws you will enforce,” Cuomo said Wednesday at a coronavirus briefing at the state Capitol, saying an executive order has the weight of law.

“‘Well, I don’t believe in that law and therefore I won’t enforce it.’ That is frankly frightening to me as an individual, frightening to democracy. It’s arrogant, and it violates your constitutional duty.”

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However, what Governor Cuomo refers to as “laws” were never created through the legitimate process but are instead edicts or decrees by an arrogant man who conducts himself like one of the mob bosses that he sees on television. 

And the sheriffs called him on it. 

Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino became a hero of New Yorkers for an epic social Facebook post questioning the constitutionality of Cuomo’s order. 

According to Giardino’s Facebook post:

With regard to the Thanksgiving Executive Order, the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office will NOT be enforcing it against our County residents. Frankly, I am not sure it could sustain a Constitutional challenge in Court for several reasons including your house is your castle. And as a Sheriff with a law degree I couldn’t in good faith attempt to defend it Court, so I won’t.

Who and how many people you invite in to your home is your business, unlike outdoor gatherings which may receive a police response if disorderly or other violations of public nuisance laws occur.

We have limited resources and we have to set priorities, so obtaining a Search Warrant to enter your home to see how many Turkey or Tofu eaters are present is not a priority. We won’t be doing that. The only way to enter your residence is if we have a warrant, we are invited in or an exigent or emergency circumstance exist. We have three patrols a shift for 500 square miles, monitoring Family Dinners aren’t our priority.

So don’t feel a need to hide cars, cover with leaves or walk 3 blocks so your house doesn’t become a target of the Governors EO.

I trust people in Fulton County to use their own judgement on who and how many people they invite. Obviously if you have high risk family members you will weigh the risks to your loved ones versus the reward. Thanksgiving is just that, a time to give thanks for what we have or have received over the year.

Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo also gave Cuomo the bird:

“I can’t see how devoting our resources to counting cars in citizens’ driveways or investigating how much turkey and dressing they’ve purchased is for the public good.”

Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard similarly told the state’s top Democrat to stuff it:

I have no plans to utilize my office’s resources or Deputies to break up the great tradition of Thanksgiving dinner. This national holiday has created longstanding family traditions that are at the heart of America, and these traditions should not be stopped or interrupted by Governor Cuomo’s mandates.

My office will respect the sanctity of your home and traditions, and I encourage you to follow your heart and act responsibly, as well as do what’s best for your family.

On behalf of everyone at the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

Cuomo’s efforts at canceling Thanksgiving have also inspired a company to create a satirical window sticker that it is currently selling. 

  • Like all of the rest of the Democrat hypocrites, you can bet that Governor Cuomo won’t be following his own rules come turkey day dinner.
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