Cuomo: "We Don't Need Any Additional Ventilators Right Now"

On Monday during a press conference, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that his state did not need anymore ventilators at the moment amid the coronavirus crisis.

“We don’t need any additional ventilators right now,” Cuomo said.


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Check out what Breitbart had to say:

The New York governor spent recent weeks spreading the alarm about ventilator shortages, prompting fears that the federal and the state stockpile of ventilators would not be enough. But Cuomo now says the state government had moved and acquired thousands of ventilators in recent weeks, ending his concerns of a shortage.

“There is no hospital that needs ventilators that doesn’t have ventilators, there is no hospital that needs PPE (personal protective equipment) that doesn’t have it in the state system,” Cuomo said.

On Friday, Cuomo ordered the National Guard to acquire and move ventilators from hospitals around the state. On Saturday, Cuomo reported that China had donated 1,000 machines to New York, thanks to foundations set up by Alibaba founders Jack Ma and Joseph Tsai.

Cuomo also thanked states like Washington, Oregon, and California for releasing their own ventilators to help New York.

“That is the right attitude,” Cuomo said. “That’s the only way we do this as a nation, we’re going to have to be flexible.”

The New York governor asserted that even though the hospitals were at “red line” capacity, he felt that the state was successful in managing resources.

“Are we managing this situation that best that can be managed, yes, have we lost anyone who we could have saved, I don’t believe so,” he said. “With that, we can sleep at night.”

Cuomo also revealed on Monday that he will be calling President Donald Trump for more hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, as it has been "effective" in treating Coronavirus patients in New York.

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There has been anecdotal evidence that it is promising; that’s why we’re going ahead,” Cuomo said, vindicating President Trump who endorsed the drug early on.

"And if we get an additional supply - which the Federal Government says they're going to send - I'm going to mention it to the President when I call him this afternoon - we can lift the 14 day limit ban," Cuomo added.

“The tests in the hospital, they’re too short a period of time to get a scientific report,” Cuomo said. “Hospital administrators, doctors want to have a significant data set before they give a formal opinion. Anecdotally, you’ll get suggestions that it has been effective"


Prominent Los Angeles doctor, Dr. Anthony Cardillo also had good things to say about the drug.

“Every patient I've prescribed it to has been very, very ill and within 8 to 12 hours, they were basically symptom-free," Cardillo said to Eyewitness News. "So clinically I am seeing a resolution.”

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